Also- hair did and shopping

Because some people like this stuff….

I bought this sweater today (won’t let me include the picture) in blue. And this blazer (or something similar) to wear when I want to look fancy- ISH but not really fancy. Professional-ISH.

Then I went over to Ann Taylor Loft and got two tops:

Mine is yellow and green striped.
Mine is yellow and green striped.
If you squint, you can see it. It’s polka dotted.

And I really want my hair to eventually look like this. I’d also like my face to look like that, and my hair COLOR to look like that, but I’ll settle for the cut since I can’t turn back time or afford to dye my hair.

Hi. This is me in my kitchen, trying to figure out whether or not I like the new– VERY MUCH THE SAME hair style I just got.
Hello again, this is me in the bathroom, once again, trying to decide if this hairstyle is dumb.

So basically, I got the same hairstyle, a few new shirts, and had a great weekend. Seven days til the next one! XO

PS- I found this random video of my house and my kid doing random stuff a few days after Christmas. Enjoy.



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