Date night- woot woot

Hit the gym today. “Hit” as in, I made it there, and managed to eek out 1.5 slow miles on the treadmill and sweated like a whore in church but yeah, it happened. Weirdest thing though- in the shower at the gym, I noticed on the ground a beer bottle cap. I turned it over to be sure it was a beer bottle cap and not just say, some sort of hipster juice drink bottle cap and sure enough, it was Anheuser Busch on the other side. Sonofagun. Anyhow, I thought- I should take a picture of this. Then I thought, “I’m naked in the shower of the gym, I did not bring my phone in here- DUH.” So anyways, I meant to complain to management about it, but I forgot. (I forgot because I massacred my legs in the shower shaving with a 1 blade disposable razor, and was bleeding everywhere. Bleeding = preoccupation while naked amongst strangers)

Then I had lunch with my gal pal Cindy and we visited a friend who’s in the hospital kicking cancer’s ass. So that was cool. Picked Simon up at the sitter and stopped by our library to check out a new theme-organization thing they’re doing with their picture books which is awesome. Talked to the folks there, which always makes me smile and hope someday I could end up at that library, a mere .8 miles from my house in my little community. Maybe. Someday.

I bribed Simon to get into the car with donut holes and we came home while I packed up his overnight bag and dug out his swim float thingy because tonight is DATE NIGHT! Simon left for a Hotel Party with Nonni and PaPa while Gabe and I are left to our own devices.

Now. It’s 9:42 pm and I am planted firmly on the couch, head to toe in patterned fleece pajamas. But we did go to a nice new place downtown – Manifesto¬†. We had a good meal there and then came back to our neck of the woods for a drink at our local watering hole. There were lots of laughs though. First Gabe informed me that I “can’t whistle.” But if I “work at it, and practice, someday you might be able to really whistle.” What?! I am a good whistler! But then as I tried to show him how well I can whistle, my smiling face wasn’t helping my case so I just left it at that. Whatever dude. So after that I decided to tell him about the beer bottle cap in the gym shower.

Me: So you won’t believe what was in the shower at the gym.

Him: Maybe I don’t want to know.

Me: No, it’s not bad, just weird.

Him: OK

Me: A beer bottle cap.

Silence. No expression on his face. Deadpan.

Him: Are you sure it didn’t fall off your butt?

I look at him, he’s serious.

What?! No it didn’t FALL OFF MY BUTT. I couldn’t stop laughing long enough to be offended by the comment.

And now we’re at home. Comfortable but warm, awaiting the ice storm that’s to hit us tonight. Tomorrow is a day off for us both and I’m looking forward to more laughs.



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