The hours are going by too fast!

Well so far this was a great Saturday. I woke up and walked to my coffee shop, got my coffee (because there wasn’t any blasted coffee left this morning at the house- argh!) and then picked up some tremendously fatty food for the boys over at Marshall’s on my way home. I loved chatting with the owners of both shops. The coffee guy told me about his new roaster, and understood why I was only speaking in brief phrases instead of complete sentences…when I walk down there it’s usually out of desperation during the winter, because I’m outta joe. Then the restaurant owners, told me all about their new buffet, how they understand that we don’t come in as much during the winter because we are usually required to hit up the park right afterwards, and it’s too cold for the park right now. Of course one of the owners asked, “are you having another kid or what?!” to which I answered- “knock on wood- we’re trying!” Nothing like admitting you’re constantly boning your husband in the hopes of offspring to the person who just made your kid pancakes!

Then I came home and while those two ate their sausage I noshed on my whole wheat bagel so I could get to the gym. I managed to get there before Play Room Closing Time (1pm) and got up to 1.75 miles on the treadmill. Laugh if you will. But the day I make it to 2 miles, I will feel like I”m back in the swing of it. So far, 1.75 is all I’ve got in me.

Some of the songs that got me through: (*I should note that on the treadmill I require profanity in my music. That is all.)

I busted out some weight training and got a good sweat in, which was all I really had planned on, anyhow. I did find out that the leg warmers I bought last year and never wore are PERFECT for wearing workout-capris to the gym. They actually do what they’re supposed to and keep my legs warm, which is awesome. Simon had fun in the play room and we stopped at Panera on the way home so I could have a real lunch and the boys could have: muffins and brownies. For the record, I had a salad and soup and it was filling and delicious. I’m finding that I do actually feel better when I eat healthier. Who would’ve thought! I just love pizza so much, it is hard to be good all the time…especially on long work weeks and even MORE especially when your fridge is empty.

After the lunch we played around the house and I got cleaned up. Simon and I went to the grocery and he finally went into the grocery playroom (yay!) so I was excited to shop in peace. However, it was kind of boring and anxiety ridden. The store was crowded. And even though I loathe having to cram everything into one of those car-carts that Simon demands, and this time I didn’t need one- I think next time I’ll just have him stay with me. I like it when we shop together, and it’s what we’ve always done. When I was finished shopping I went to pick him up and he was totally bummed that he couldn’t “help” me buy the food. So I felt a little terrible. Oh well, the house was filled with food shortly thereafter and I made these chicken nuggets that I pinned a million years ago. I used garlic infused olive oil and finally found the panko everyone is always talking about. It really is different from bread crumbs.  They were REALLY good! Simon even ate them!

Because I so desperately have been craving Roxbury Road ice cream from Jeni’s, AND I ate peas as my side dish with baked chicken nuggets for dinner, I went out and got us all ice cream to-go. I had Roxbury Road, Pistachio and Honey, and Almond Brittle ice cream in a trio. The Roxbury Road has homemade marshmallows in it OH MY GOD. So good. The boys were happy with their selections as well.

Bedtime was a little insane because Simon had so much sugar today, but otherwise is was a great day and I’m so glad I had it. This week I requested Thursday off so it’ll be like I have another weekend (two days in a row again- WUT?!) so I’m stoked about that. But even MORE EXCITING than that, is that Gabe and I get a date night Thursday because his mom and dad are coming into town and taking Simon overnight. So excited. I am already thinking about where we want to go out to eat.

So it was a good day, but I’m sad it’s already night time. Hoping I can get to the gym three days in a row (Saturday Sunday and Monday) so I can rest up and go on Thursday morning and maybe Friday afternoon.

I think this is week 3 or 4 of me going to the gym or making the time to exercise and believe it or not it’s helping my mental state. I also just watched a TED talk on Success and I’m going to really really try to be better in regards to work. It’s ridiculous how much of my mental state is a reaction to the people around me, and not necessarily things that are happening to me or the organization. I’m just very tired and am starting to formulate a plan where once a month I take a vacation day that’s on my half day. That means I would use 48 hours of vacation in a year, but I would essentially give myself an extra two-days-in-a-row during the month, which would be a great relief I think.

These days are meant for getting rejuvenated, and so far this weekend it’s working for me.

Hope y’all had an excellent saturday as well.


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