It finally happened

I skipped a month. I forgot to post a letter to Simon last month. Wait, that’s not entirely true. I kept remembering and then forgetting. Or, I couldn’t think of anything to say. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that “observing” him and noting it in a monthly letter is harder now, because I can have actual conversations with him. I know that I still need to jot things down from time to time, especially since he says and does a lot of funny things and I don’t want to forget them. But lately, the come so fast and furious that I do forget them. It makes me sad. It also makes me happy that we can notice things he does now together, comment on them together and acknowledge how much of a “big boy’ he’s become – even if he’s not taking first steps or finally sleeping through the night. Let’s see what I can drum up here.


Dear Simon,

Well, this morning you and I both woke up with a cold. Sore throat and just generally crummy-feeling, I contemplated calling in sick for about two hours. Meanwhile, I got ready for work and you were not interested in the slightest, in accompanying me out the door. Instead, you asked to “cuddle wiff you” on the couch. And we did. We cuddled under my blanket and watched Signing Time together. I let you wear pajama pants to the sitter (a new clean pair) after you’d already changed YOURSELF! BY YOURSELF! out of your overnight pull-up, and into underpants and brown pants. You’d gotten oatmeal all over the brown pants anyhow, so I wasn’t too disappointed when you didn’t want to wear them. It was also ridiculously cold out and I too, would’ve liked to wear plaid fleece pj pants to work, had I the chance. So what the heck?

Because you’re such a big boy now, we spend a lot of time talking about using a Big Boy Voice (not whining) and about how sharing doesn’t mean taking a toy from someone. “I’m sharing!” We still go on our dates at least one morning per week. We usually hit up Panera or sometimes DK Diner or this week the Grind. We sit at a table across from each other and you act like such a good/big boy. I love those mornings with you, and I mentally acknowledged as much this week when we sat down and you ate a gigantic muffin.

The people at the Post Office know you by name now, because we’ve also been going there quite a bit to mail things off to family recently. I would say your post office behavior is about a C+, but really- the post office IS boring, and I’m never really prepared for it when I get there. So I kind of understand. I started allowing you to pick out birthday cards for people in the family. Aunt Kimmy got a cool Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) card. Grandma got a cool cat-dressed-as-a-rock-star card, and Uncle Eric got an old-man-golf-course birthday card. You aren’t very enthusiastic about trying to write your name, but you are a professional circle-drawer. So a circle tends to be your signature right now. We’ll keep at it.



You really like going to the gym with me, which makes it so easy for me to get to the gym and exercise. You like the people there and the toys. You also like to ask me when we walk out, “which machine were you on?” and you point up at the exhausted people on the elliptical machines on the second floor. You also talk about how you and grandpa exercise at his house. (This means grandpa lets you stand on the elliptical machine with him and play.) You miss grandma and grandpa a lot, and ask about them often. The winter seems to mean less frequent visits. The most recent visit from Uncle Eric and Aunt Miranda also have you asking for them this week too. I’ll be glad when the weather gets better and we can plan a trip up home without worrying about Winter Weather Advisories and me-having-a-heart-attack.

We got your preschool paperwork in the mail and you are pretty interested in starting preschool. I’m excited too, though I’m nervous about the noise level of a room full of 20 kids. You hate noise, and that’s probably our fault. Our house is relatively quiet. You don’t even like being in the bathroom with the bathtub or shower is running because it’s “too loud!” Anyhow, the preschool is supposed to start this summer, and we’re looking forward to getting you in there. It’s going to be tough trying to figure out what to do with you after preschool, since it’s over earlier than your dad and I get off work. But I’m working on it. Something will work out! I’ll be so glad to see you learning and being involved in some outside activity during the day with other kids your age. I think you’ll do great. I never went to preschool, so this is a cool opportunity for me to see what it’s like, for the first time too!

You are really the sweetest kid, and though you are stubborn and prone to arguments more than you used to be, I’m so proud of the boy you’re becoming. I love you so much and I love the time I get to spend with you. You’re just the best, dude.

All my heart,


art in our new kitchen area.
art in our new kitchen area.

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