a zen kind of day.

Today has been a really weird day. It started off normal enough- the Monday after a weekend off, I’m lucky to ease into the work week with a 12-9 shift. Usually Simon and I go “on a date” to Panera or something and I run and errand or two – OR I go to the gym and we get a bagel or something on the way to the sitter. But this morning I opted for the post office and we walked from there, bundled up hand-in-mittened-hand to a new coffee shop, The Grandview Grind. It’s a neat little place, but not in our normal routine of “date places.” I like it a lot though, and Simon did too. Then I dropped him off at the sitter’s and started my day- NBD.

I got to work and started in on some things I have been working on. There was the normal patron flow, etc. But a friend at work was having a bad day and instead of going on my regular dinner-in-my-car-with-a-book, I asked to take her out to dinner. We went to a great restaurant across the street, because it had begun to snow while we were in there. I didn’t want to drive anywhere. Another co-worker was walking outside as we were crossing the street and we asked if he’d like to join. Then when we walked into the restaurant it was like walking into a spa. It’s called Zen Cha Tea Salon, and that’s what it feels like- that feeling you get when you go into the part of a spa that has the relaxing music and ambiance? It’s hard to explain. But as we sat there, we managed to have an entire conversation that had nothing to do with work or bad things. It was just a pleasant dinner with two friends, and it was lovely.

Then afterwards, I came back to work and got rotten health news for a dear friend that was unexpected and scary. So I had to mull over that for a while. Three patrons I’ve never worked with before took the time to read my name badge and thank me by using my name, which was nice. A teen patron agreed to come to a program I’m having this week and I was glad to have that conversation, too. Then I finished some things with work and also investigated some other things…as time went on I soon realized it was almost time to close up shop.

And then I realized we had called the cops due to a patron who didn’t want to leave, so I felt like I needed to stay to offer support/walking buddy to my co-workers who were left behind. But it was no big deal. Everything with this day just had an odd zen like feel to it. It kind of weirded me out. I don’t THINK it was the tea, but maybe it was. Who knows.

We had a lovely weekend. Maybe that’s why I’m all zen. My brother came to visit with my dear niece Landry, who calls me “Ninny”. I love her so much.


She has the neatest personality. Smart as a whip and has a big physical presence, in that she is always very curious and getting into toys or climbing, as a toddler should. But her voice is very quiet and small. She says the sweetest “I yove yew” and knows all sorts of words. The last time I saw her I taught her a few signs “work” and “more” and she still remembers them. She’s VERY stubborn and we had a heck of a time getting her to nap because she wanted to be in the center of the action. But once I laid down on the bed in the room where her pack-and-play is, she finally fell asleep. I so wish they lived closer so I could take her out like I get to do with Simon. Oh well. I’m already looking forward to spring when I can see her again.


Talking with my brother Eric
Talking with my brother Eric


Miranda, me, Brett and Brenden
Miranda, me, Brett and Brenden

And it was so nice to spend time with family. Here Miranda and I are staring at the baby wishing he was ours’. My other brother Brett and Kristen came over with Brenden, and we all had so much fun just sitting around doing nothing but visiting. We ordered gyros, did a little shopping and managed to have a glass of wine out with just the girls. It was such a nice time.

I sure wish these kinds of weekends could happen more often. I’m going to try and make that happen.




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