A start…and minor setback

Well we started off with the big project. Gabe valiantly went to The Container Store after ordering his items ahead online, and picked them up. He brought the gear home and immediately became agitated with the project. I wasn’t sure why, but in my five years of knowing Gabe, sometimes when he’s brooding about something, it’s best not to ask.

Later I found out that he was just disappointed by the way it turned out- he wished he’d gotten a different piece here and there, but I was really happy with the early results. We still have a ways to go, but I was happy. See below.


The wire racks on the floor hold Simon’s art supplies so he can easily access them. The containers are just old pretzel and peanut butter jars. Goo Gone has become my best friend. (They’re plastic, no worries) The shelves above have temporary cannisters and cookie jars on them. I imagine I will be moving my cook books up there and we’ll probably add more shelves or another wire rack container-holder. It’s very rustic/primitive in design so it’s not really meant to look pretty so much as put stuff in a place so I’m not tripping over it or cursing when I can’t find a corner to shove all the stockpiled coffee I’ve purchased after a payday.

And then, the magazine rack fell off the wall, removing about 20 years worth of paint and revealing the ugliest and oldest wall paper of all time beneath it. Gabe was pissed once again, but admitted that he and Simon were in the nook when the rack fell down and they MAY have been messing with it when it was torn off the wall. At any rate, that area has been spackled and we will be drilling more holes in the wall to make sure the thing doesn’t rip off more lead paint for us all to inhale. I know this is a riveting story, but it’s all I’ve got for now. To be continued.



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