Confession and “Before pics”

So the confession is more like: admitting publicly that our tiny house is constantly a mess instead of posting pictures on here and just hoping you’ll focus on my kid’s adorable antics instead of noticing the filth in the background.

We aren’t looking to buy a house for several reasons (#1 being we like where we live and can’t afford to buy a house in our area). As such, there are some things that annoy me constantly that I “just live with” because “we love where we live”. Can you tell I’m used to telling myself these things? I never want to leave Grandview, so long as I’m in Columbus. But being the devout public servants that we are, we will be limited on what we can afford house-wise for a very very long time. So- let’s make some frickin’ lemonade!

Our kitchen and bathroom are the two major complaints I have about this duplex we inhabit. I won’t go into the bathroom right now (it does have ONE redeeming quality, a claw foot tub). But my main focus is our kitchen. More specifically, our kitchen “nook”.


Upon first glance (when it was empty and I toured the place with our landlord) this nook seemed like the perfect place for a tiny table. I imagined us eating our dinners here. I was about 5 month pregnant when we rented the place originally and I was delighted that we’d be able to eat in the kitchen, at a table.

However, when we moved in, I realized I over-looked several things. #1: there are only 4 cupboards in the kitchen, total. #2: there is only 1 drawer. There’s about 4 feet of counter space, total. This meant that our microwave had to go somewhere, since it couldn’t sit on the counter (no room). So we had to put the microwave in the nook. No problem, I thought- we’ll squeeze it in with the table.  This worked for a while, but we didn’t really use the table all that much because it was too much of a pain to get in and out of there, AND because Simon’s high chair barely fit. Basically, the kitchen nook/table was an open closet to store stuff, collect mail, and occasionally eat an uncomfortable meal.

When we got our flat screen tv, we moved the kitchen table under the screen on the wall in the living room. Now we occasionally eat at this table, though more often than not it’s more of a pain in the neck than worth the effort. Most of the time, Simon eats at his train table, and Gabe and I eat on the couch and the love seat- like we’re in college.

The “nook” was then populated by a beautiful cabinet that my dad refinished for me. This helped because our stuff could be contained somewhat (and not out in the open for grubby little toddler mits to grab). But, it does take up a lot of space. The microwave doesn’t fit on it, so it’s still crammed in the corner.

Cabinet and microwave

The cookie jars are filled with Ovaltine and Cereal bars, not cookies- sorry.

I couldn’t even stand in this nook to take a picture of what’s in it- that’s how small it is. When we moved the kitchen table out, we decided to go ahead and put ONE of Simon’s tables in there for art purposes. There are hooks built in to the top of the wall and that becomes our crap-hanging area for stuff I don’t have room for anywhere else.

Simon's art stuff and personal potty area (because sometimes he waits TOO LONG to get all the way upstairs)
Simon’s art stuff and personal potty area (because sometimes he waits TOO LONG to get all the way upstairs)

I added the shower curtain as a way to “provide privacy” for Simon. It didn’t really work that way but now I have it if I want to hide this area from my eyeballs and brain.

The hooks up top hold everything from duct tape, to aprons, checkbook baskets and coats.

We will be purchasing more stuff from the Container Store, which makes me feel like my life is a disastrous mess when I enter it. Last weekend we went there, and I THOUGHT we would be buying some things then, but Gabe told me we needed to “measure” and “come up with some specs” before doing anything drastic. Hell, I had been thinking a few shelves and badda bing we’d be done, but he had bigger plans.

Once he had consulted the catalog and drew up the “specs” I was impressed with his idea, even though I know it will still look cluttered, it will be more organized clutter and WHO DOESN’T LOVE ORGANIZED CLUTTER?! I’ve approved of his design and we’ve priced it out to cost about $75. We’ll see how that goes. Anyhow, we’ll be using the Elfa silver stuff we’ve already purchased for other areas of the house- so we can use it interchangeably if we ever have enough to move into a different place. And assuming we have walls in the new place and it’s not a tee pee. So hopefully in a week or so I’ll be posting pictures of a more organized “nook”. And if it’s not great, I’ll just post a picture of the curtain, closed.

Til then!


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