In lieu of ranting, here are some other things we’re up to.

So I’m sitting here in a surly mood, one that I’ve been in a for a while now, and I’m trying to think of something to say besides all the normal crap that’s in my head that I’ve been spewing forever. Ugh. So here are some random quick takes.

I just finished this book, and loved every crude second of it. Feminist with lots of cussing and all-round awesomeness that I needed to read. I speeded through the first 3/4 and took my time through the last 1/4 because I didn’t want it to end. Gabe got it for me for Christmas, and I’m so glad I own it now. I want to lend it to my sister, but I’m afraid I won’t see it again. It’s THAT kind of book. Definitely one I’ll be keeping on my shelves.

Next book on the list is Frannie in Pieces for Middle School book club, then a VOYA review book (nonfiction) and then I will read my own pick, The Yellow Birds that my mom got me for Christmas (from snooping on my Goodreads account- YES). And THEN I plan on using the Kindle she gave to me, hopefully to read Gone Girl first, and then whatever else she has in her arsenal of amazon library goodness.

We’ve been watching lots of movies lately, and Safety Not Guaranteed was a pleasant entertaining surprise. Basically a guy puts an ad in the classifieds asking if anyone wants to travel back in time with him, and some magazine writers respond to the ad to see if this guy’s a lunatic, for real, or what. Funny and cute. Watch it.

I’ve also watched Spooner and Submarine, which were just OK- but better than 99.9% of other crapola on television we don’t have, so I wasn’t disappointed. And I enjoyed Dirty Girl which was cute and crude, just like I like it. Don’t bother with Project X, unless you want to feel like part of your soul has died and you have officially lost all faith in humanity.

We got Homeland on DVD from Netflix and we can’t decide if we like it or not, but we keep watching it and haven’t cancelled the remaining discs, so I GUESS it’s ok. We mix it up with some It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia so as to not get too weighted down in the whole terrorist thing. I should also mention that we have the documentary The Invisible War here, and we both want to watch it, but each night we ask each other- “Want to watch an episode of It’s Always Sunny…Homeland…or the military rape movie?” Let’s just say no one really WANTS to watch a movie – a TRUE movie on the prevalence of rape in the military. I mean, we’ll watch it, but sigh. When? Plus I’ve already lost faith in humanity once this month.

Ok I can feel my fingers edging towards wanting to rant about all the normal stuff, so I’m going to sign off while I”m still ahead.



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