All I want for Christmas

Not sure where this post is going, but I’m in the mood for list making and not marking-things-off-the-list, so I thought I would start with what I want for Christmas:
I have two big things that I want really badly:

  • A Kitchen Command Center. Just like this one.  More specifically, I want those little magnetic things that will indicate who-does-what-chores. I want them so bad.
  • A revamped Toddler Art space (also in the kitchen). I want it to be JUST LIKE THIS.

Those are the two things I’ve asked Gabe for and he just looks at me in a bewildered way, like- “How am I supposed to wrap that?” It’s okay. I just want a verbal agreement from him that he will assist me enthusiastically (that’s the gift part) in creating both of these things. It’s really all I want.

In addition to other types of things I would love to have – well they mostly involve magic. As in, I wish for a Dusting Elf to wipe off all the baseboards and clean underneath the claw-foot bathtub (sounds romantic, doesn’t it- it’s really not) . While we’re at it, I’d like a Folding Elf. Maybe even some sort of magic that will pick up pajamas off the ground and magically put them in the dirty laundry. I just can’t be bothered with such things.

If magic was part of the equation, and money wasn’t:

  • Outside the realm of a new house (because I would take that too, as long as it was in the same neighborhood we live in now) – I would start with some new living room furniture that is comfortable to sit in.
  • An improved understanding of my MacBook
  • A Masters of Public Administration
  • Between 15-20 hours a week off work where I could either get things done around the house or spend time with my kid (at the same salary I have now, perhaps more).
  • A personal stylist who will constantly flatter me and suggest slimming clothes I can wear to work.
  • Several pairs of shoes that are as comfortable as tennis shoes, but are not actually tennis shoes, that I can wear to work.
  • OH- a new car. Or maybe some sort of SUV or mini-van (yea, I just said that).
  • Graphic design knowledge
  • Energy to work out.
  • Someone to clean out my oven.
  • New window treatments– or maybe just blinds because ours’ are gross and I have yet to successfully clean a set of blinds without just caking dust on them, no matter how I try.
  • An iPod or something to put my music on.
  • Someone to go through my iTunes and personalize my music for me- and get rid of all the crap I don’t listen to or want anymore.
  • A faster internet connection.
  • A better understanding of our Apple TV
  • A new booster carseat for Simon (this is doable, just not something I particularly want to pay for when we have one that works already)
  • Someone to rearrange the “tool table” in the basement
  • A storage shed.
  • Another person to go through all my photos on my computer, back them up and delete the ones I don’t want.
  • Print out photos and replace the old ones in our picture frames.
  • Maybe said person could also scrapbook that shit.

Okay. I can’t think of anything else. Or, I’m getting tired of list making.

We’ve had two blissful days off of doing whatever we want. Today we went to the art museum and it was a lot of fun.


They had this amazing Lego exhibit that we didn’t even know was there- and the artists had recreated the Ohio Stadium, which was super awesome and made up of over 1,000,000 legos.




There was also a portion of the exhibit that showed a downtown Columbus- really neat.


Of course the hardest part was explaining to Simon that he couldn’t play with the Legos. But CMA has done an amazing job of creating interactive stations within the exhibits where visitors can contribute to the artwork.

Coloring your own Lego person, that you can post on a board in the exhibit.
Coloring your own Lego person, that you can post on a board in the exhibit.

I love weekends like this and they seem to hit us either once a month or once every other month, depending on the moon phases I think (I don’t know, I just made that up). But it was great. Gabe even let me take his picture.

Admiring a hotel made out of legos.

So all in all it was a good weekend. And the next two weeks I was smart and requested time off, ideally so I can actually get some things done before our annual trek around Ohio for the holidays. I feel like we have a ton to get ready for, but also a lot to be excited about.

And Gabe just told me I can have my toddler art center for Christmas! Hooray! I’m off to and maybe The Container Store online just for fun.


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