Celebrating an undefeated season

Because the Buckeyes couldn’t go to a bowl game this year (cough cough, bad decisions made by players, cough cough) – BUT we were 12-0, OSU decided to throw a “celebration” party for the Buckeyes at St. John’s Arena on campus. It was free, but you had to claim free vouchers online and they sold out quickly. My friend Lisa, who is awesome, got us vouchers early so we could take Simon and show him the band, the team, the coach, etc.

We got there early enough to get a great parking spot, and got awesome seats too. The cheerleaders and Brutus were all there, and we waited about a half hour before the marching band came in and ROCKED Simon’s world. He really loved all the instruments. And, he has some OSU picture books with pictures of the drum major, Troy Smith, etc so he loved seeing all of that. It was a lot of fun. He was actually really sad as we were leaving. He wanted to stay at the “football party” and said in the car, “Maybe if we watch some Mary Poppins that will cheer me up…” in his forlorn pathetic voice.

It was a great low-key evening and I was so glad Simon got to see the band. He’s definitely old enough to sit through an event like that, which makes me happy about one of the Christmas purchases I got him (tickets to see Peter Pan in March). And now, I’m also going to look for some orchestra tickets for us soon because I think he’d love that as well. Thanks again to Lisa, who comes up with great ideas and is Simon’s BFF.




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