Total sucker

Simon started gymnastics about 10 weeks ago, on tuesday mornings when I don’t work until noon. It makes Tuesdays a scramble to get out the door, and sometimes I’ve had to have others take him when my schedule was screwy due to a conference or training. But, he loves it.

And I have noticed a huge improvement on his ability to follow directions, and his overall independence. It’s been a good thing all around.

So I’m thinking about coughing up the money for another 10 weeks, especially since its winter and he doesn’t get much exercise in the winter besides playing Tag in the house “tag! Here it!”

So I’m going to tell myself it’s money we’ll spent – and an investment, if you will…in his pride.

And I’ll just have to deal with early/long Tuesdays again.
Ever the martyr and proud mom,


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