Post Op Appointment

First off I waited for my dr today for about an hour. I knew what everyone on Facebook was doing, had read my blog subscriptions, three magazines suggesting I buy hideous clothes, and settled into a 9 minute YouTube video when he finally came in. He was thrilled with my physical “progress” (healing?) and told me to go ahead and get dressed and meet him in his office to answer any questions. And THAT is why it’s worth it to wait an hour. My doc says, get dressed, lets talk. And then he doesn’t rush, he asks the right questions, and asks for a hug when I’m sure I’m out of questions to ask.

He showed me pictures and basically told me he’s REALLY glad we opted for emergency surgery when we did. I was already bleeding internally and who knows what would’ve happened of they waited until Friday as we had planned. I left there feeling lucky and so glad to have the doctor that I do. And he seems to be hopeful about the future and fertility, so that made me feel good too. But he also said, “we will base any tests or worrying off of your emotions as how you feel about it all. If you’re concerned, I’m concerned.” To feel legitimized- that worth so much.

So onward. Feeling good about holidays and health and hope.

Here’s a picture of my kid attempting to illustrate throwing pizza dough.



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