Fashionably late.

Grace from Camp Patton suggested we all share what we wore to thanksgiving dinner. Now, I’m not a fashion person (as we’ve discussed) but I appreciated the challenge for me to wear something besides pajamas today. However, I did opt for the leggings route- which is only halfway between lazy and presentable in public.
So I had my friend Lisa snap some pics on my phone (sorry) in the least cluttered area of our first floor.

20121122-171443.jpgand then I realized the tumbling mat was still in the background and my full (figured) body wasn’t in the shot…so a few more takes

And then I realized the lighting was crap and suggested we go outside…

20121122-171849.jpgand this was as good as it got.
Leggings: LOFT
Cardigan: Lauren Conrad @ kohls
Shelf bra tank: kohls, cheap racks
Booties: famous footwear, no idea but only $30

And now back to laying around.



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