Nature Walk in November

This weekend was insanely warm and sunny. Though we always intend to get up to Inniswoods Metro Park when leaves are beautiful on the trees in October, we missed our chance this year. BUT- we were incredibly happy to get a warm sunny day to go on a Nature Walk this afternoon.

I found a really easy scavenger hunt online at work a few months ago and stashed it for a day like today. We had to find a tree, a leaf, a bird, a pine branch, a pine cone, a flower, an acorn, a squirrel and a mouse. We found everything but the mouse. Simon kept a crayon in his pocket and circles things as we found them. It was the perfect activity to keep him entertained while we strolled through the park.


Though there aren’t any playgrounds at this park, there are neat little kid sized bridges, paths and houses to play in.


And a creek with stepping stones to cross, a tunnel made out of plants…lots of things to make a nature walk fun…including daddy.


We came home and grilled out, while Simon played nicely with toys inside. We realized at bedtime that we managed to have the tv on for only 1 show today- Arthur, while I took a shower. The rest of the day we spent just being around each other and enjoying it. I needed a weekend like this.



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