Life is SO HARD!

No, it’s not. The whole house-in-order and needing-help-with-chores thing was/is still grinding on my nerves but I think a bighuge part of it is my problem effectively communicating with husband. Plus, sometimes it’s just nice to rant on internet because he does not exist on the internet. Go ahead, google him. There’s nothing unless I wrote it.

Last night after I penned that bitchy post I caught up on some of my YouTube guilty pleasures like My Drunk Kitchen and OMG I was super stoked to see her doing a video with my other favorite guilty pleasure, Jenna Marbles and then I was all SQUEEE and found out about another person I’m about to go and watch EVERY VIDEO of, Daily Grace. I swear that my OTHER “daily” Grace is still (and will remain) my favorite textual guilty pleasure but I was very happy to find yet another person who can make me laugh.

And another thing- how do these people survive on youtube channels, blogs and the like? I would like to get into that business of self promotion and being funny and excessively drinking while cooking. If anyone figures that out, let me know. Anyhow, those bitches are hilarious.

Because I am a Martyr with a capital M today, I will now outline all of the things I did today.

  1. Woke up early on my day off to a little boy in my face pressing his nose against mine saying, “MOMMY IT IS DAYTIME.”  over and over and over again.
  2. Fed and entertained said child. Held him over the toilet several times while he pooped and hugged me. Wondered when he would stop needing me to hug him as he poops.
  3. Swept the floors.
  4. Laundry.
  5. Picked up Panera Bread to-go and had a late breakfast at our friend Erin’s house, which was lovely.
  6. Swept out the mini-van rental.
  7. Drove mini-van to the grocery.
  8. Couldn’t convince my kid to hang in the FREE SUPERVISED playplace at the grocery, so I shopped with him.
  9. Unloaded groceries into the house.
  10. Moved carseats (long story)
  11. Took van to drop off, retrieved our no-longer-smashed-up car.
  12. Went to the bank.
  13. Went home and demanded Simon nap. HE DID!
  14. Mopped the floors.
  15. More laundry
  16. More putting things away.
  17. Decorated for halloween.
  18. Cleaned things.
  19. Decided I wasn’t making dinner for anyone tonight.
  20. Dropped child off at friend’s house
  21. Went to the mall in search of wearable pants for work.
  22. Bought a pair of ugly pants on sale.
  23. Spent three times as much on a winter coat for simon
  24. Got ice cream on the way home.
  25. Bathed the boy.
  26. Put him to bed.

It was a pretty successful day and I’m tired but not angry anymore. Give me a minute, I work tomorrow so that could change. Also I wanted to remind myself to jot down some of the books Simon’s been reading/into lately but now I’m getting a cramp in my elbow from the strange way my laptop is perched so stay tuned for a list of picture books next time!


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