A New Day

On our “phone free” walk- but I had to grab a photo of this giant tree stump.

So. Thursday is over. Over enough, anyhow.

We had moderate problems heading to the sitter’s today, this tantrum being slightly less than the previous three this week. I consider that success. I’m finding that the more I warn Simon, “The car is leaving in five minutes…” as opposed to, “We have to leave in five minutes,” or “I’m leaving in five minutes, are you coming?” works much better to get him moving and out the door. And even though we had some squawking about forgetting a toy among other things, I continued to employ the “This is so sad” technique. But then I got some not so great news at the sitter’s.

From time to time, baby sitters don’t handle things the way you think they should be handled. And lately, I feel like I’ve had more and more “wait…” moments in my head. I know I worry too much. I think too much about my kid and his feelings, I know. But, I don’t like people hurting my kid’s feelings. I’M SORRY, I JUST DON’T.

Anyhow, a few tiny remarks turned into me obsessing all over again today at work so I’m once again contemplating the preschool/daycare option even though a) we can’t really afford it and b) our work schedules won’t allow it. I’m crunching numbers and about to ask friends for help. I don’t think Gabe realizes that I’m doing all of this, but he does understand how I feel about it all. I think he thinks we should squeeze it out as long as we can…in case another baby comes and we have to have TWO kids in relatively not expensive childcare but anyhow- whatever I’m looking.

Tonight after work I made dinner and Simon attempted to “help” me, which was fine until he was demanding granola bars for dinner and I said, “Oh, this is so sad…” and walked him up to his room. He was pitching a fit up there and started to wind down a bit (I could hear) and then Gabe went up to talk to him. I hear him get all riled up again and think to myself, “Nope- can’t do that, that’s not in the book…” which is INSANE I realize, but I think I’m right here. Basically the punishment ended up lasting twice as long and Simon begrudgingly came downstairs with Daddy and continued to be bratty for half the evening. It was better than last night, and the nights before, but not perfect yet. (Go figure, my child isn’t perfect.)

Then Simon and I went on a walk around the block and played “Eye Spy wiff my Wittle Eye” as we spotted different things around the neighborhood. Then we came home and I aimed to get the bedtime routine starting about a half hour earlier (we did this last night too, and he STILL wasn’t asleep until after 10pm) and it was a pretty good showing of bedtime behavior.

Tonight we read, “My Traveling Eye” which is a book about a little girl who has a lazy eye, goes to an eye doctor, gets an eye patch AND glasses and lives happily ever after with her glasses. After that we read a book on the Digestive System, which is pretty hilarious to make your kid say “esophagus” and “small intestine” but he seems to enjoy looking at the diagrams and beginning to understand that food + saliva + digestion = poop. So we were talking about this (because we’re having an issues still, with a completely lack of #2 doing) and I read through the digestive system book and at the end of this one, I said, “And after all the food goes through the body and the good stuff is absorbed into your body for fuel like a car, the waste or poop goes…..”  and I waited for his response.  I turned to the final page in this book to an image similar to this one:


“In the Garden!” he replied.

Hm. Nope, I was shooting for in the potty. But I just laughed and said, “I guess so…”

One thing at a time I guess? One more day and then three blessed days off. Thank you lord.


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