weekend recap and my child’s toilet-ing habits.

This weekend I worked, and I worked pretty hard actually, doing the closest thing to legit Statistics that I hope to ever encounter, because Excel hates me and I dislike counting to any number that outnumbers the fingers on my hands.  While I was at work yesterday, I received two text messages from Gabe. The first was, “He just peed on the potty!!! You on break? Want to call?” and of course I wanted to call! Then there I was, sucking on my ecigarette on the back dock at my work, yelling into the phone, “You peed on the potty!? I’m so proud of you! You should be proud of yourself! Tell daddy to give you stickers!!!” I was so excited. Mostly, I was excited because it meant that Gabe was on board with potty training.

So far in the half-assed attempts that I’ve done with Simon and “potty training,” it’s just involved me (solo parenting) in the mornings I’m off work, just asking if Simon would like to TRY wearing underpants. Then it’s involved two success (stealth) peeing incidents in the potty and several, SEVERAL accidents where I make Simon help me clean up the mess on the floor, on the chair, wherever. And Gabe just didn’t seem to be all that interested in helping. And everytime Simon had an accident he’d just repeat to Simon, “Buddy you HAVE TO GO ON THE POTTY IF YOU’RE WEARING UNDERPANTS.” I equated Gabe’s potty training suggestions to someone trying to YELL LOUDER to a person who doesn’t speak english. Simon just wasn’t getting it, and Gabe was clearly annoyed with having to clean up accidents. So I figured the potty training would happen either without Gabe’s help/buy in, or– never.

So basically in that phone conversation I was as thrilled with Gabe’s parenting as I was with my son’s ability to make it to the pot. I was practically jumping up and down with excitement. Now, because I know kids are pretty unpredictable, I realized this could (and probably would) just be a one time thing, and Simon would likely go back to demanding he wear a diaper that same day. Hell, maybe that same hour. But NOPE- a few hours later I got another text telling me Simon did it AGAIN!

So when I came home from work, I asked Simon to show me how he did it- and he DID IT AGAIN. And I was like, WOW. And then this morning, took off the overnight diaper and he went and did it AGAIN. And now I’m seriously wondering when the novelty of my kid pissing in his toilet is going to wear out. Because right now it’s as if he won the Nobel Peace Prize everytime. I mean, fanfare, three m&m’s, stickers on a chart and tonight he got to put a whole DOLLAR (I was planning on giving him a quarter but Gabe handed him a whole dollar) in his piggy bank as a reward. Granted, we haven’t done #2, and I doubt that will happen anytime soon. But- tomorrow the plan is to send several pairs of shorts and underpants to the sitter and just GO WITH IT. I’m so excited. I MAY HAVE BOUGHT MY LAST PACKAGE OF DIAPERS FOR THIS CHILD.

So I’m drinking wine to celebrate.

That, and it’s already been a long week since I worked the weekend and have a lot on my mind about work stuff. Then I came home to tiny ants all over our pantry and had to throw out a bunch of food and purchase ant killer to put in the pantry. And the bugs have been so bad lately I’m covered in mosquito bites, DEET and am probably West Nile infected. Bugs are gross. The floor of our house has needed swept for a week, but I’m on strike on the floor cleaning arena. Gabe will step on a Cheerio at some point and bring the vacuum up from the basement I’m sure. Okay, I’m PRETTY sure.

This coming weekend is the Big Buckeye Game- the first of Urban Meyer’s coaching at OSU and I have tickets! I’m super stoked because I haven’t been to a game in a LONG time and I’m anxious to see what the team is like with this new coach. I still am and will always be a Tressel fan, so I’m curious about this season. My mom and dad are coming to watch Simon that afternoon so Gabe and I can attend the game. My uncle graciously gave us tickets because he knows we’re broke and can’t buy them he’s going to be in China on business. I wonder what I should wear. I’m excited!

On top of this weekend – the big game and my parents being in town- it’s also a THREE DAY weekend so I’m excited for that too. And I might have conned my brother to have a mini cookout at his new house (or at our house, wherever) and I could use some baby snuggling from my nephew Brenden as well.

So I just have to get through five more days of work before I get three days of freedom and then I’ll be counting down to our vacation down south to the beach and see Gabe’s family.

Anyone have any ideas on a relatively inexpensive but nice camera for Gabe for his birthday? Or any other ideas?


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