7 Quick Takes

Okay so I’m copying Miss Grace and doing quick takes because….it seems like the things to do on Fridays according to the blog world. Beeteedubs, my friends and I were all gushing over adult beverages about Grace’s Big News, which I think is so cool because basically Camp Patton is a hit with my in real life friends, so I feel all famous having met her once when I visited DC to see a mutual friend a million years ago.


Grace, were those transition lenses?

Anyhow- the “takes”

  1. I took Simon to the gym yesterday for the first time in months to see if it would be less traumatic for both parties. It was….okay. I thought I was “taking it easy” for my 25 minute lunge and oblique routine and today I can’t move my lower body without wincing in pain. Simon had fun “in the pink car” at the daycare area- where they have about 6 little tike cars the kids basically get in a play bumper cars…he likes pink.
  2. My BFF Lisa has started a blog where she is hopping on the crash diet wagon, one crash diet at a time, to try and lose poundage. The first diet was the GM diet, now she’s on Dukan. She is hilarious and you should get over there and read her journey through insane food land, now.
  3. Because some lady on her cell phone didn’t look behind her in the parking lot, our “nice car” is now our “car with a smashed up bumper”. Shop can’t get us in until after Labor Day so we are stuck driving said crashed up car for a while. Gabe is not happy.
  4. Age three is apparently the age when teeny tiny toys are allowed and they are all over our house, specifically the “coffee” table. I hate cleaning them up, I hate cleaning the table underneath them, and I just try to avoid looking in the center of the room at the monstrosity that is the Train Table/coffee table full of pirates and “drivers”
  5. My dad is currently reading the China Study and has my mom on a vegan diet. He’s getting blood drawn this week and says if it’s not improved he “can’t do this anymore”. My dad has the willpower of a Jedi Master, so if HE can’t do it, I don’t know how real vegans do.
  6. I had high hopes to go on a nature hike today with Simon but we made it no farther than the end of our street, where we played in the neighbor’s yard. The moms drank coffee while the kids rode bikes and ran around the drive way. I will hold onto the multiple nature journals and scavenger hunts I cut and pasted for another day I suppose.
  7. Simon keeps asking for his own baby whenever he holds my nephew Brenden, though I’m quite sure he has no idea what that would entail for HIM. For example, I would not be able to tolerate the constant gagging sound he makes at Panera as I try to feed him a bowl of $5 gourmet mac and cheese, if we had another baby. How do you explain that to a 3 year old?

+1 for good measure– I created a Good Behavior chart as suggested in the book I’m reading about wrangling the needy preschooler. So far we have 2 stickers on it, but he is not impressed. He is only impressed by the picture of Tinkerbell in the corner and the girl with the piggy bank at the end. Has no clue that he’s working towards something..which makes sense since he didn’t know how the Potty Chart worked either.

+another because Simon’s still napping and i have a minute- He’s very obviously starting to go crosseyed a lot. A lot as in oftentimes. So we have to schedule an appointment with a serious-sounding-eye-doctor again. The Googles are telling me he either has Strabismic amblyopia (like me, a lazy eye) or some other weird thing that is often fixed with bifocals. BIFOCALS?! My little Ben Franklin. Stay tuned for that drama.

We’ll keep trucking along over here in attempts to raise a normal human bean.



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