The Party!

Just realized I’d written this and never made it “live “– don’t know why. So here is a recap of Simon’s birthday- 20 days later. whoops.

For the first time in Simon’s short life, we weren’t able to have his 3rd birthday party at the park within spitting distance of our house. The weather forecast swore there was a 100% chance of rain and severe- SEVERE thunderstorms! I wouldn’t risk it. So we decided to have it in our tiny house. And we immediately had to brainstorm how we would ever fit 25 people into it. It involved folding chairs, buying chairs, moving chairs, buying a table, and lots and lots of toys being moved to the basement, temporarily. Thankfully Simon wasn’t there to witness his toys going to the basement, or else he would’ve flipped. He was busy hanging out with his cousins Madeline and Owen, and Nonni and Papa, who made the trip up to Ohio (from SC) to visit with Simon for his birthday. He had a ball with them.

Meanwhile, we attempted to transform our front living room into a pirate party, and the second living room (don’t ask- old houses are weird) into Neverland Party.

And people starting filing in. Suddenly it was standing room only, and I was so glad to have all of our friends and some family there to watch you blow out your candles and enjoy your third birthday extravaganza.

Did it rain? Of course not! Had we set up the party at the park, there surely would’ve been a torrential downpour, but as it happened- we had a nice hot day this August 5th, and I’ll never believe a meteorologist or weather app again.

Simon loved all his gifts, though he got so many it was a bit overwhelming I think. I ended up opening most of them for him while he focused on the toys opened first and the football uniform he won’t take off.

Little Buckeye and proud mom.

It was a great and busy day, filled with sugar and cheese balls (“cannon balls”) that Simon thought were carrots (nice try). He headed north with my parents to stay with them for a few days while Gabe and I put the house back together and worked for a few days. Now tomorrow I will head up there to hang out with all the family- all the grandkids together at once! And we will come back to Columbus on Friday. I’m excited to hold baby nephews and play with my lovely niece Landry, but most of all I’m excited to see my boy, who has asked Grandma a few times about “going home”. I like to think that part of that is because he misses us, not his toys and his bed.

Next year I will demand NO GIFTS on invitations, and probably make sure it’s on a day where storms aren’t even a blip on the radar. But I can’t even begin to imagine him turning four. That can’t happen for a long long time.


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