Year Three, month 36 letter

Dear Simon,

You are Three. 3! You are still sweet as pie and 100% boy. Your personality is still curious and excited and happy most of the time. You are in love with Peter Pan, and your imagination is so vivid that it makes some (weirdo lame-o) people uncomfortable. But it makes your dad and I feel AWESOME. Because having a vivid imagination is awesome, and you are the coolest kid we’ve ever met.

Your obsession with Peter Pan has led to us over-borrowing just about every version of the Peter Pan movie that exists from several libraries. You imagine you are Peter, then you’re John, then you’re Hook- all in the span of four minutes. Sometimes even mid-sword fight you will change your mind between being Hook or Pan. When dropping you off at the sitter a few weeks ago, you were playing with some big-kid toys- a robot transformer thing and a teenage mutant ninja turtle. You told me the TMNT was Wendy, and the robot was Peter. You flew them around the room as I backed quietly out of the house. Another result of your Pan-obsession is your constant awareness of your shadow. In fact, one day I heard you say “Ouch!” in the other room. When I asked what happened, you said, “I hurt my shadow.” It made me chuckle.

You still talk about your “spunka”- something else imaginary we haven’t figured out yet. You say, “I almost tah-got (forgot) my spunka.” So I just hand you an imaginary thing and you take it from me and go about your daily business.

You are noticing that letters create words, and fully recognize your name, and like to talk about our full names. Only when I say my full name, which ends with your first name, you like to finish it off with your full name. It’s pretty funny. At some point I’ll get to the Social Security office and change it so we won’t have that confusion. Someday.

I’m always worried recently about whether or not you’re playing outside enough, or getting enough sleep. I worry whether you’re eating enough good food (you’re not) and whether you are being engaged with during the day while I’m at work. I think of all the kids I see each day and how I interact with them, and wonder if I am better to them than I am to you. By the time I get home I am rushing to feed you and your dad. Then we’re rushing to get you to bed at a decent hour (rarely happens). And then again in the morning it’s rush rush rush everywhere. I keep thinking about how you’d be reading if I stayed home. We’d drill on phonics and talk about the words you want to be able to read. We’d do all these things….but then on my days off they get filled up with errands and chores and all the things I”d hoped to do seem impossible by 3:30 when I’m begging you to please take a nap. Please.

Everybody just really enjoys having you around. You’re pleasant and kind and polite. You’ve thrown some fits lately but I think it’s just a phase of development you’re going through. You clearly know that your pouty lip evokes a reaction out of us.

Diaper change refusal leads to time out on his birthday.

In the picture above, we’d asked to please change your diaper, so all of your 3rd birthday morning pictures wouldn’t be you in a saggy wet overnight diaper on a scooter. Daddy asked you, “Do you want to go to time out on your birthday?” You stuck out your lip, walked to time out and grabbed your calculator on the way saying, “I’ll have a time out on my birthday.” Sadface.

You also say and do very sweet things. You tell me you love me “SO MUCH.” And you tell me about your dreams in the morning. You dream about “spring” and “kites” and “football and baseball”.

This last year has been a blur of delight as I watched you go from toddler to little boy. You are wearing 4T clothes now, though you’re getting so skinny the waist is a little big in all the pants you wear if I buy them long enough. You are so innocent still, and I see the evil of other little snots seeping into you as you pay more attention to the television at the sitter’s house and idolize her third grader son who likes guns and shoot ’em up games that are too mature (in my opinion) to be watched by anyone under 16. Sigh.

I guess what I’m realizing is my grip and control over everything has to loosen, and boy is that hard. It’s getting harder to convince you to do things. I can’t change your mind as easily, and not everything is fixed with a song (though many things still are). I know it’s going to get harder and easier in every respect, but I hope you can retain some of that sweet goodness for another year or so, because I just love it about you. Your please and thank you’s, your interest in the things I am doing- your love of books and stories- I want it all to stay around for a bit longer please. This age you’re at is challenging and wonderful.

You are my favorite part of my life, dear boy. I hope year three proves as fabulous as its predecessors. I love you so much.



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