It’s quite clear if you ever meet me in person or see me at target in $1 flip flops, mesh shorts and a mens’ tank top that I have very little interest in fashion. Lucky for me, my field of work has a VERY WIDE RANGE of acceptable work attire. A lot of people I have worked with over the years, bought their work clothes the year they began working (maybe 1984) and still continue to wear those clothes. Many of them have worn them for so long that THEY’VE COME BACK IN STYLE. So anyhow, I’m clueless when it comes to fashion and I have an interview and I’m nervous so I need help. Here’s what I wore to the interview I had for the job I currently have

Thank you, Petite Sophisticate, circa 2001. Brown houndstooth dress with brown matching cardigan thingy. It’s a little shorter than I remember it being. Maybe I grew. Haha.

So. The person who interviewed me also knew me beforehand, so she could have forgiven me this fashion faux pas and hired me based on my capabilities and potential, I guess I’ll never know. But anyhow, I got that job wearing this frock. It’s comfy. I might wear it again this week.

Before you say, “Mandy, don’t you have a suit?” I’ll say yes. I own two in fact, and they are more fall/winter suits and I don’t have AC in my car. And the pants that fit me in 2006 aren’t quite the same post-baby and no, I’m not going back to the Limited and asking them if they still have Editor pants, because I don’t go into that store anymore, I’m too old. And I’m not buying a new suit because public librarians don’t wear suits. I don’t think. At least I’ve never seen one.

Today I went out and got new sensible flats. One navy pair and one black pair (they have a tiny heel). Both pairs are very comfortable. So I couldn’t wear my too-long (too-tight) suit pants anyhow, so we’re sticking with dresses, skirts and a cardigan or jacket. So I’ve limited it to those options so far.

Now, onto my picture filled sad story of fashion ignorance.

Before you judge too harshly, yes I bought that jacket today and I think it’s adorable. Maybe it doesn’t go with this thrift store blue dress and skinny belt. I have no idea. Help me.
This is a borrowed Banana Republic tan jacket from my sister in law (who has style) and a LBD that is slinky slinky. If you’re headed on a cross country motorcycle ride and need a place to store your sandwiches, I’ve got room in my saddle bags.
same black dress, new polka dotted jacket.
I wish I were brave enough to wear this. I think it’s too much color AND pattern for an interview, but maybe not? I don’t know.
This is a navy blue dress with the brown jacket, I don’t know. I’m so lost.
fancier dress with cardigan option. Librarians LOVE cardigans. I own a million of them.
Something I actually wear to work. Navy dress with cardigan.
what about just a LITTLE red and a skirt?
Oh and these jeans are a size TWO. You’d never know it from looking at them good LORD could they be more unflattering?! Taking these bad boys back. Stout people are not meant for boyfriend jeans I guess. I tried.
I accidentally took this picture while looking at pictures of me wearing boyfriend jeans. Clearly I know I’ve made a bad decision.
Or, do I give up entirely and just go with country-club blouse and khaki skirt?
What I wear when I’m not at work.
Loved it on the hanger, hate it on me. Wanted to wear it on date night tomorrow. Le sigh. Now I hate it.


I know nothing about these things. And I’m at the point now where I want to just give up and wear my mesh shorts. I hate shoe shopping, I hate trying on clothes. And if you want a sure fire way to get yourself to start dieting, accidentally take photo booth pictures of yourself changing because OH MY GOODNESS that was NOT good for the ego.

I’ll take any and all advice.

Don’t worry, I’ll do something with my hair– the half-assed pony tail is from swimming today.



3 thoughts on “Help.

  1. okay — based on the photos I like black slinky and tan BR jacket. Hands down my fave — no nonsense — doesn’t distract — and you look professional but not stuffy. I dont know why but I’ve always loved those colors together — they work in any season. And shut up about the saddle bags.

    and dont you HATE liking something on the hanger but then it sucks at home?

    let us know what you wear and how the interview goes!!

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