More things said

Tonight I came home at 9:30pm to Simon in bed with his dad reading Peter Pan (of course). He snatches the book out of his dad’s hands mid-sentence and says, “No, mommy read it” which is typical.

After reading the thrilling (and predictable after the first three hundred times) story of Peter Pan, Simon asked for his own stories. Lately he wants stories about things that have already happened. Tonight it was, “Tell you a story about my girlfriend ‘Cole and going to a rock and roll show.” And, “Tell you a story about Lisa coming after nap and taking me to the park.” Last night it was, “Tell you a story about Erin and mommy and Simon go to the tennis courts.” It’s like he wants to re-live and re-hash those fun memories with people he really enjoys.

After I finished the story telling (this is after lights out), he had to get out of bed to put away his dump truck (suddenly very concerned about the neatness of his bedroom). While down cleaning the dump truck up he spots a stuffed panda bear, grabs it, crawls back into bed and says, “That’s better.” Certainly we are all more comfortable now with 5 blankets and 12 stuffed animals in the bed. I tell him it’s time to sing a song and he says, “I want to build a fort.” So I build the fort around him with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Sheet as the roof and a giant stuffed monkey as a wall. He snuggles in and asks for “Sunshine.” I start singing “You are my sunshine” and as I finish I dip my head into his fort and kiss him, say “I love you” and he says “I love you too.” I say, “That makes me so happy.” And he says, “I put pee in the potty and that makes you happy. I wear underwear, no diapers. I wanna go to preschool. No diapers in preschool.” I tell him, “yes! We’ll work on it. I want you to go to preschool too!”


Then, “Do you have a penis?” he says.


“Well I have a penis and daddy has a penis.”

“Yes, I know.”

“Daddy puts his poops in the potty and sometimes takes a shower like you.”

“Sometimes,” I say.

“Can I have some water?” he asks.

“Yes, I’ll go get it,” I say.

“Can I have some pink levinade? It’s on my train table. You go get it?”

“No, pink levinade is not for 10 o’clock at night.”


I take him his water and he says, “OH THANK YOU!” as though I just handed him $100.

As I climb over the gate out of his room (I know, we cage him- we’re terrible) he says, “Say I love you moon.”

“I love you moon,” and I sign I love you into his night light moon on the ceiling and I think….

about how different goodnights are now from before and how different they’ll become with each passing week as he gets older and I no longer fit in his bed….(it’s already tough with so many animals)….

and it’s after 10pm and I’ve worked forever it seems and I’m tired but I don’t want to forget the sweetness of asking for pink “levinade” before bed as though that would EVER happen, EVER…

and it’s after 10pm and how will we ever get him in bed at a decent hour when he’s in school and well maybe he’ll be tired then because he  won’t have naps…

and I will miss him for those two days I’m in California at the end of the week before they get there…and

I need to pack, I’m tired.

And a million other things.

I am lucky. I am tired.



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