a lot to say, and limited time

The time limitation is only due to my exhaustion. That’s it, just purely exhausted. I caught a nasty bug on the flight home from Boston, where I cuddled my adorable nephew and oohed and aahed over him, guessing who he looks like (our family’s side, of course!) and smelling his brand new baby head.

I returned home to a boy who missed me, a nearly three year old who now runs at me yelling “mommy!” in a way that is so sweet it makes my teeth hurt, then he clutches my thigh like he’s a hippie hugging the last standing Redwood. That clutch is something he’s never done before, not in the beginning stages of walking, or any of the times when babies are supposed to go through a clingy phase. So I like the clutching and the squealing Mommy and the hugs and the kisses.

Because I’ve been sick-ish with this nasty head cold, we have laid low the past week, and I work this weekend, so we didn’t do a whole lot today, though we did manage to walk down to a local festival called Digfest that is held at a newer area of Grandview, and just a few blocks away from our house. Typically this is where Simon and I drive by the construction site to ooh and aah over the forklift cranes and men in hardhats (that’s just him, I swear). They’re still developing that area, but so far there are a few good restaurants, my gym (a-hem, that I haven’t been to in WEEKS) and a nice hotel. They closed down one street and it was lined with local/Ohio wineries and breweries and even distilleries and eateries. You purchase 10 tickets for $10 and each “taste” is 1 ticket. Immediately after the (clearly inexperienced) volunteer swiped my card she said, “Oh my. I just charged you $100 instead of $10.” Oh. Oh. Um, I guess that’s fine?! I mean, it’s fine because it’s the middle of the month and not the end of the month and suddenly I’m checking my bank account balance to be sure there’s enough funds in there to cover the initial withdrawal and thankfully there is, and she’s running around looking for help in her free Columbus Digfest t-shirt that was crisp and new. It was fine, they gave me the balance of what they owed me in cash, and now I am RICH because I never have cash. I wonder how many times I’ll go to Starbucks this week, thinking I have “extra money”. Oh well.

The Digfest itself was a bit too crowded for Gabe’s liking. The wineries didn’t have long lines, but the beer stations DID so he wasn’t all that thrilled with the event. Once we got some ribs and macaroni and cheese in him, he was a little more pleasant. A friend of ours’ also joined us for the event. It was good to reconnect with her and Simon just loved showing off for her as he went to his first “rock and roll show”. There was a stage and a band playing, so he was very excited about that. Of course when we TALK about things like this, it’s all excitement but when we’re THERE he won’t let me put him down and is very, painfully shy. He did enjoy the music, though I had to dance like an idiot with a 40 pound toddler on my hip in my work clothes vying for another sip of that mead stuff I caught a swig of with one of my ten tickets.

There’s a big stretch of green grass there at this place, grass that is new and soft and fluffy. Another toddler was running around with his shoes off and Simon asked me- “Can I take off my shoes?” Now normally I would say no- but I just feel so bad for the kid. Our backyard is all weeds. I’m just WAITING for the minute he steps on one of the 100 bees that pollinate the 100s of white clovers in our backyard. So when there’s a chance for him to run on soft green grass that isn’t laden with dog shit I say, “Do it, boy.” And he ran and ran and ran until his hair was red and sweaty and he was covered in dirt  from head to toe.

Needless to say the Rock and Roll show was a hit, and he didn’t want to leave at all but somehow we convinced him. And he didn’t get to bed until 10pm. There is visible dirt under his toenails and all I did was wipe his face off with a wet wipe and put him to bed because MOM IS TIRED after working all day, then walking then festival-ing and gosh I’m tired just typing this.

So it was a good evening, and this wasn’t even half of all I wanted to write down tonight but my fingers are getting slower and my eyelids are getting droopy so I’ll hope I get time to share more of our not-that-exciting-life with you another time soon.


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