Enter Peter Pan

Apologies if you already frequent the youtube channel, but Peter Pan has made an appearance at our house after I scored a second hand Peter Pan costume last weekend. I brought home the Mary Martin 1960 LIVE TELEVISION BROADCAST version of Peter Pan. Oh-my-word, just as I expected, Simon is in love. I had a feeling he would really enjoy the musical version, since he was so gung ho about Wee Sing in Sillyville with all the real humans singing and dancing. I was right.

I remember going through a phase in my early childhood watching this movie, so I find myself humming the tunes and wishing I could remember all the lyrics. Then in Target I will find myself singing “I’ll just send for Peter Pan!” If only life were that easy!

My favorite part about Simon’s newfound admiration for Peter Pan (aside from the fact that it’s probably my favorite animated Disney movie) – is Gabe’s interpretation of the whole thing. Here are some excerpts of tonight’s conversation as we watched it again.

“I just don’t understand why it’s a woman. I mean, children know that is not a little boy. It’s obvious! Why couldn’t they find a little man? You can’t tell me in all of Hollywood they couldn’t find a guy to play this part.”

“How can Captain Hook be a believable villain when he can’t even tell that the Mysterious Lady is just Peter Pan wearing a scarf?”

“How are kids supposed to follow this? Some lady just flew in and started dancing with the trees. And a kangaroo just pulled what looked like a powder puff out of his marsupial pouch and powdered his face. I think it was supposed to be funny?!”

“This is just weird.”

He’s right, it is rather weird. But I like that Simon likes it. I keep imagining dragging him off to watch musicals with me someday, since Gabe doesn’t want to go.

In other news, I’m still on the crack pipe ecig and it’s working out fine. I find I use it a lot more when I’m at home (after Simon’s in bed) and if I’m drinking. I also found that I don’t really drink as much without smoking cigarettes. Don’t know why. I’ve still been “working out”. I put quotes around it tonight because my last two jog/ walks on my couch to 5K program have been so pathetic. I”m doing about 3 miles at the SLOWEST PACE EVER. But I think part of it is because I don’t get out on the pavement until 9:30 or later. And by that time of night, I’m so tired. And I’m so full of dinner. Tonight it was sloppy joes and I just felt like a sloppy joe myself, plodding up and down the hills of Grandview, as if I am making any sort of difference in my physical well being.

I know that I am making a difference, but it’s taking a lot longer for it to show up. I’m assuming the slow acquisition of muscle mass and energy is due to my old age. I think I’m nearly 34 (in August) which is just a little alarming. No wonder my clothes don’t fit me the same. I’ve owned them for 7-10 years, and I’m IN MY MID THIRTIES.

So anyhow, I’m trying. And it’s true that it’s helping me burn off some steam mentally so that’s helping me a lot.

I have lots of projects going on at work, so that’s keeping me busy and excited. My sister’s about to have a baby, and I’m going to see her. I have a three day weekend coming up. Then I’m going to Anaheim/ALA/DisneyLand in late June. Then a baby shower for my sister in law in July. Then her baby a few weeks later in July. Then it’s our birthdays. Did I mention my summer is completely booked pretty much through the end of September?

So I have a lot to look forward to and am trying my best to focus on the positives.

And if I have a problem, I’ll just send for Tiger Lily or Peter Pan. That should work.


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