My new favorite salad

I don’t like salad dressing. That stuff is nasty. I don’t like vinegar-y based things (unless we’re talking about vinegar on fair-french-fries) and I despise creamy nastiness like Ranch or whatever that other crap is.

So, enter Grace from Camp Patton, who suffers from a similar distaste for salad dressing. She is very thin and fit, so when she shared this recipe for salad dressing I was all– um, YES I LIKE ALL THE THINGS IN THIS RECIPE (incidentally there are only three things in this recipe).

So, I’ve been successfully packing salads for lunch at work. This is what I’ve been packing that is probably not at all healthy but is very delicious

  • cut up some tomatoes
  • cut up some cucumbers
  • cut up some peppers (green or red, whatever your child is refusing at the moment)
  • two finger-pinches of unsalted sunflower seeds
  • one finger-pinch of unsalted almond slivers
  • one 2-fingered-pinch of shredded cheese (usually montery jack/taco cheese)
  • some sort of grilled preservative ridden meat
  • spinach or romaine lettuce.

Loving it.  I don’t know how healthy it is but I keep telling myself it has to be better than chipotle or wendys or Anthony’s Pizza (which is so delicious). The nuts/seeds add protein. And cheese is calcium.

So thanks to Grace and her easy salad dressing recipe. She often has insightful ideas on all sorts of things, so I suggest you follow her and her tiny mini-her crew of blondies.


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