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So. This is my little corner of the internet and I’m about to spout off on something that really chaps my ass. I’m doing it here instead of Facebook because I have entirely too many people “friends” who actually DO what I”m about to complain about and I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND, and I’m absolutely certain that no one would be able to make me understand their point of view.

I’ve been thinking about it for a while now, so here it goes.

There are people who are basically just mad about Earth Day. These people are also mad about anything (movies, etc.) suggesting that it might be a good idea to recycle or maybe not pollute the air.

HOW CAN YOU BE MAD ABOUT THAT?! I just don’t understand. How can someone assume that taking responsibility for the personal mess you make, as a human being, sharing the same space as other human beings, on this planet….be political?!

I just don’t get it. What does THAT have to do with politics? What does suggesting the kids perhaps be mindful of what they throw away, or hell- what they PURCHASE …how is any of that republican or democrat? It’s not! It’s about being responsible. Hell, if you DON’T want to be responsible, then don’t be! If you prefer to wrap all of your crap in plastic and throw it into the trash…go right ahead. I do that sometimes too! In fact, I’ve been known to throw recyclables INTO the regular trash when our recycling bins get too full! AND I ONLY recycle because it is CONVENIENT for me. If it weren’t convenient, I probably wouldn’t do it. I didn’t when it was inconvenient before (in our previous residences).

It just really kills me how people are purposefully not interested in hearing about reducing the amount of waste they create/use/etc because they think it’s some “liberal ploy.” It’s not! I suggest that my toddler clean up his own mess and try to not run water the entire time he’s brushing his teeth. Am I doing this because I’m a liberal? NO! I’m doing this because I don’t feel like cleaning up his mess, and it’s important he knows he has to be responsible for his own shit (clearly not literal shit, because I’m still cleaning that up myself). And the water thing? I mean, forget about the fact that people all over the world are thirsty and or drinking bacteria ridden filth water. Forget that, you soulless human being (I do, all the time) and just think about your water bill.

It just makes SENSE that things that we can’t MAKE on our own, or without a ton of time on our hands… — oil, water, trees…why not just conserve them? Or, if it’s completely possible/probable we will eventually RUN OUT of said resources, why not try to find alternative ways to I don’t know…do ANYTHING. Drive? Building compounds? USE SCIENCE perhaps?!

How is any of this a political thing? It shouldn’t be against a religion or moral code to be more responsible and environmentally conscious, right? Am I missing something? Or is it just too much of a “hippie movement” to buy into? I mean, Gabe has his theory that “recycling doesn’t help”– and that’s fine, maybe it doesn’t. But you know what it DOES help? It DOES help me take less trips to the trashcan, because our trash isn’t filled up with empty plastic jugs and cardboard taking up space. So hey, another perk of recycling.

Anyhow, I’m sick of people complaining about conserving resources and Earth Day being a stupid thing to teach our children. I’m serious. I’ve heard people spouting this crap off on the internet. Get over yourself people. Being a mindful and responsible ORGANISM taking up space on our planet is NOT a partisan issue.



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