The wedding

I was glancing through the blog and realized I didn’t ever really post wedding pictures….so I thought I would put them up on the interwebs for posterity.

The ceremony took place at my library, where I work – which I thought might be weird, but actually wasn’t weird at all. It felt like getting married in my own backyard.

The “auditorium” as it’s called was newly recarpeted and repainted, so I was really happy with the set up. THe chairs were brought in from the fancy Board Room with the Director’s blessing. It pays to have friends in high places I guess. šŸ™‚ It also pays to have a baby grand piano and a talented pianist in your family- that’s my sister in law Kristen (who is beautiful and pregnant with my nephew, due in July) playing the piano.

My niece Landry arrived fashionably late and still in pajamas, so we postponed the ceremony to allow her to change into her party dress, on the floor of the library. That’s Gabe’s niece (and now my niece) Madeline, loving on Landry as well.

Wyatt and Gabe’s dad getting ready for the ceremony.
It was laid back and wonderful, all of it, and a friend’s daughter snapped pictures as we went through the motions.
Here’s my bouquet- it was smaller than I wanted it to be but made up of Romeo and Juliet and Warn and Peace, which I found hilarious. Making paper roses is no small feat…I gave up making them and made do with what I had finished.

When everyone was ready, Kristen played Pachabel’s Canon and my dad walked me down the “aisle”.

It was so comforting to see all of the people dearest to me turn around and smile.

In my nervousness I popped a piece of gum in my mouth so I look really un-lady-like in all of the photos, chomping on a piece of blue gum as I jaunt down with my dad- class act am I.

Our dear friend Tim officiated, and I wrote the ceremony script myself, including some quotes from Homer and other nondenominational type people. At some point Gabe said to me, “This is perfect, this is exactly what I wanted,” and I breathed a huge sigh of relief. We both teared up during the vows and said them with the most sincerity I’ve ever felt in my life.
And then there was a long romantic kiss in a short short dress.

…which probably made people feel uncomfortable, but not me.

This is why people get married FIRST, and have babies second– pictures are not fun.

We managed to eek out a few decent photos of both sides of the family. Then we headed off to Barrio where we stuffed our faces with tapas and saw almost everyone we love the most.

The venue was great, the weekend was fabulous, and I just felt so lucky to have the wedding exactly like we wanted it to be. I’m sure most brides feel that way after getting married.

My favorite part of it all?
What Gabe said to me during the ceremony.
Calling him “my husband” when talking about him to others.
Seeing him wearing that ring.


**EDITING TWO YEARS LATER TO ADD THE SONG WE DANCED TO** I Will Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie, even though it probably wasn’t my FIRST pick, we didn’t have a dj or sound system, just an ipod filled with music and this is a song that we both like so I just grabbed him and we danced. It worked. Most of what we do is on the fly, so there.

Ok I have to go. I have a hot husband inside wondering what I’m doing on this computer.


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