I’m a married woman

I have to say, I don’t know how people manage to pull off those incredibly lavish and beautiful weddings all over Pinterest. In fact, I’m not sure how people pulled off a lot of the weddings I’ve attended in the last ten years. There’s just SO MUCH STUFF.

There are some things I’m incredibly proud of. I did our party pretty cheaply, and I”m fairly certain 99% of the people who came had a blast. I’ll break it down for you just a bit

Ceremony: Tim officiated (got ordained and didn’t charge me) – free

Ceremony location: the library where I work- they modified the rules and made an exception for our special event- family only– again, free.

Reception: We found out our favorite Date-Night location (tapas bar, Barrio) had a private dining area available to reserve and would fit 60-80 people (though I think that’s being generous). $600 deposit that went towards your food and drink bill at the end of the event.

Favors- instead of spending money on favors, I spent the same amount of money that I would’ve spent on tiny boxes of m&m’s or jordan almonds and sent in a donation to the Mid-Ohio Food Bank. Gabe’s sister made beautiful framed posters letting guests know that this was the case. The Mid-Ohio Food Bank sent me a hand written thank you card that was just so sweet. I stole this idea from a Christmas gift that someone else included me in on. Loved it.

Cake- there was no cake. We had the tapas dessert of panqueques, with Jeni’s salty caramel ice cream. People loved it.

Flowers- I found a flower arrangement I really liked at Giant Eagle. I stalked out the florist who did it and depended he also arrange our flowers. I wanted citrus in the bottom of the arrangements to bring out the deep colors in the walls of Barrio (orange). They were perfect. I bought six bags of whole fruit citrus to fill up some vases for pops of color. My friend Lisa added twine. Badda bing- color, and now we have fresh fruit. Image Further decorations- Barrio added some candles but that was it. Because it was during the day they weren’t really necessary but they were a nice touch.

DJ- a good friend tipped me off to another friend who has a husband with an arsenal of music. We bought an iPod (we needed one anyhow) and had him stock it up. Hooked it up to the sound system. Unfortunately, the sound system wasn’t great. But. I was able to dance to the Moody Blues with my dad (Your Wildest Dreams) and with Gabe (I Will Follow You into the Dark). I had a few songs picked out for me and Gabe, and that one just magically played after my dad’s song was over. So that was it.

Drinks- SANGRIA. People drank this stuff like it was water. So yummy. We ended up needing way more of this than we originally thought, but it was awesome and totally worth it.

Night time plans- Buckeyes made it to the Final Four, so we all met up at a sports bar and watched them LOSE AT THE LAST MINUTE. Oh well, I had a blast seeing everyone after a break that was long enough to re-energize and visit with all important people who traveled a long way.

So the party was great. We had a great time and have mostly recovered. Now we’ve been doing home improvement type things- and most of it has gone relatively smoothly. However, Gabe has been fighting with a piece of furniture (put it together yourself!) for about two hours now and angry cuss words have been coming out of our living room since he began. I just convinced him to take it apart and I’m taking it back. Le sigh. Can’t win them all.

Favorite moments of the wedding day included:

Gabe telling me during the ceremony that “This is perfect. Exactly what I wanted.”

Simon dancing. See here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rePcHxFJIuU&ob=av2e

More on the musings of marriage, but I must go save mine right now before Gabe shoves a phillips head screwdriver into his own temple.

EDIT: After writing this post, I realized I sound like a total cheap-ass. So I thought I would at least offer you the background information that– I used to be obsessed with this show on TLC..I don’t know if it even exists anymore, that had people doing weddings under $5000 or less. Usually it involved hand-delivered invitations and a lot more crafting. I loved that show. I think I subliminally wanted to challenge myself to be able to get on this show, if it still existed.


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