Hotel party and moving crew

So this past weekend Simon had a ball with Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Bert. He spent two days in a row pretty much doing whatever he wanted. And as always, the report back to mom and dad was, “He was an angel. Just the sweetest little boy.”

Now, I agree with that. But I also know the reality of tantrums and whining. Apparently he reserves those for his parents and baby sitter. Oh well.

Simon at the “Hotel party” My dad said one of his favorite things from this weekend was Simon constant request to run and laugh. “Let’s run and laugh grandpa!”

Simon playing with ladders.

This month will be filled with work, a baby shower and visit home, then a wedding. This eventful weekend was just the beginning of it all. It was also the first time I ever had an actual phone conversation with my boy. It went something like this

Simon: Hi Mommy

Me: Hi Simon, are you having fun?

Simon: I’m at the hotel party eating blueberries.

Me: that’s good.

Simon: Ok bye.

Although you might not think this is impressive, I cannot shake the disbelief that my kid. Speaks in complete sentences. Is a full blown child now. Much less baby than kid.

If only we could convince him that wearing underpants wasn’t just for everyone else but him.

Maybe someday.


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