excuses excuses

Well, I’m way behind on posting. There are several excuses I could use here, but the biggest thing is– I’m planning a mini-wedding. In about 9 weeks. So not only am I COMPLETELY SLAMMED at work with more-than-plenty to do, but when I am not at work I am thinking about things like invitations and menus and other such nonsense.

Here’s the rundown of what’s been accomplished thus far:

  • Invitations designed, printed, proofed and will be picked up tomorrow.
  • Dress purchased.
  • Hotel rooms reserved
  • “Reception” setting booked and deposit made.
  • tentative plans for floral arrangements (DIY style)
  • tentative plans in the works for a bachelorette soiree (though I have partied enough to make up for 12 bachelorette parties, I have great friends who are determined to celebrate with me before March 31st)
  • most of the guest list made, most addresses confirmed.

There are STILL things to do. And squeezing these things into what little time I have outside of work is nearly impossible. I’ve had several moments where I’ve thought to myself: I just want to TURN OFF for like a few days, and not do that because I have some sort of flu. I mean, there are a million reasons that I love my job, I love working and being a mom, etc. But you add just ONE extra thing onto a personal or professional plate and all of the sudden you’re having headaches all day and minor panicky moments before your head hits the pillow. Or WHILE your head hits the pillow. Anyhow.

I owe my son a letter, since February 4th was his HALF birthday, and also my brother Eric’s 32nd birthday (I’m pretty sure I’m turning 34 this year, so that should be right). I will attempt to write this letter sometime tomorrow OR Friday. Or next week. Because tomorrow is my half day and I have extra errands to run before getting to work and places close (at normal “business hours”) — I’m doubtful I will be able to artfully articulate the monthly love letter to Simon tomorrow. Then Friday I have a fun (and informational) date with some girl friends to purchase expensive makeup to make me look younger than 34 on the wedding day. I want my face to sparkle somehow. Maybe like those vampires people talk about from Twilight or something. But after these sad two and a half days of squeezing errands in around my limited quality time with the kiddo, I have seven days in a row so we’ll see how motivated I am to write something. God I’m tired. I just want to turn off. Like a day or two of nothing sounds so awesome. And I feel guilty for wanting a day like that, because if I had a spare moment or day, I would/should and WANT to spend it with my kid. Kid is awesome. Again, more on that later. See the videos posted separately as evidence of awesomeness.

more later.

Fun with photobooth
Our only family portrait from 2012 so far.

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