Christmas/New Year roundup: PS I’m engaged.

We had a whirlwind tour of Ohio over Christmas weekend. The weather was great so we didn’t have to deal with snow, and the three of us headed up to Salem on Christmas Eve morning, a Saturday. Simon was excited to see Grandma when we told him where we were going, it was nice to be able to explain to him that we had a destination and eventually we would be there. First time for that. It was a long ride, but Simon was great and when we got to my parents house he was just thrilled to be there.

Christmas Eve, my family always has our big family get together, and it was lovely. Great food, and it was so fun to be able to see everyone and hold my niece, talk about new babies coming in May and July (not mine! but still exciting!) and just be with everyone. Simon just loves his cousin Landry, and constantly asks to hold her.

Simon’s brief commentary on holding Landry.

My brother Brett got a new camera for Christmas, and he snapped some great pictures of the family enjoying themselves.

Simon got SO many cool toys and he just loved everyone opening presents. Christmas Day was spent around the house and then on Christmas evening we drove (with our NEW CAR!) to Gabe’s family’s condo near Akron. There we relaxed, put Simon to bed, and hung out with Gabe’s family. Day-After-Christmas, we opened gifts with Gabe’s family and Simon (again) got lots and lots of really cool stuff. His favorite was probably the giant dump truck and “loader”- which he loaded up with Hershey Kisses over and over again, and dumped on the ground. That evening was a little overwhelming for Simon. A small place with lots of unfamiliar faces that he sees only once a year. But he was a great sport. We headed home that night so we could do our own mini-family Christmas morning on Tuesday.

The drive back to Columbus was pretty long with extra traffic, but once we were home we were so glad we headed back when we did. It was nice to just be in our house, in pajamas, and enjoy each other’s company. We had such a great Christmas seeing everyone and always wish that time would last longer- but you know, being home is good too.

That night, after Simon was in bed, we managed to put all the new toys away and laid out the presents Santa left for us to give Simon the next morning. Gabe and I were also going to exchange gifts.

Tuesday morning, Simon was SO excited about the presents Santa left him in his stocking (new makeup brushes, soap, a dinosaur, socks, mittens, etc.) and then new books, a helmet, some roads for his trucks and a guitar! He was a happy kid. Gabe was happy with the gifts I got for him, and when I looked around, there weren’t any gifts left to open, and there wasn’t anything for me….

Hm. No big deal.

Then Gabe handed me my stocking and inside of it was a ring. 🙂 And he asked me if I would still marry him. I said “Of course.” And you know what? I’m pretty damned happy right now. We went out for a pancake breakfast and gathered up supplies to make panini’s on our new panini maker.

I pretty much spent the rest of the week in a daze enjoying the prospect of planning a super small wedding and calling Gabe my husband.

My mom came into town to watch Simon for me on Thursday morning while I worked, so we went out to a nice dinner on Wednesday night together and drank wine and talked. It was a nice visit, too.

During this time, we also bought a flat screen television and Apple TV, so we now have all our online content available at our disposal on the television set. I don’t think we necessarily watch MORE tv since having it, than we did before, but it’s definitely nice to not be tethered to the laptop if we’re wanting to watch something on Hulu or Netflix together. Oh, and Simon thinks it’s a touch screen like the iPad, so that’s kind of a pain too.

New Year’s Eve we just hung out at home but had some friends over, and it was lovely. New Years’ Day it was unseasonably warm and we got to go to the park and play/burn off energy for a little bit, which was great. Simon loved being able to ride his bike.

I finally went back to work on Monday of this week. I had nearly an entire week off between Christmas and New Years’ and it was so nice to have several days of just hanging out with my kid. And this week back to the grind, it’s been rough. Simon’s battling a nasty cold and obviously we’re all battling getting-back-into-the-work-routine and I swear my clothes all got tighter over just one week of me eating everythinginsight. Thankfully I have this coming weekend off, so we can use some of that time to regroup, too.


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