Early Christmas with the Meyers Clan

I made these super easy cinnamon “churros” this morning. They’re filled with preservatives, cinnamon, sugar and probably cancer, and they were worth every calorie. I also did my standby breakfast casserole, which is totally laden with the same goodness and bad-for-you-ness as the first link.

We were up early this morning getting ready for a breakfast Christmas with Gabe’s sister’s family and boy did we have a nice time. Everyone was pretty satisfied with the food and then there was present opening, which was fun. I remember the first time I met Gabe’s sister’s family and I was a little shocked by all the chaos that is 4 kids. However, now that I have a tiny crazy person of my own, I find the chaos comforting. And watching three boys play basketball in our front living room makes me smile and chuckle instead of cringe waiting for someone to get hurt or break something. It’s funny how toddlers change your perception of things. It felt good to be cramped into our little house with it smelling like cinnamon and full of kids jonesing to open presents. I can’t wait until both sides of our family are that way.

After our morning breakfast and present opening, we headed to COSI and Gabe went into work. This was the first time we went to COSI with Simon not in a stroller, and not heading straight to the Kid Space. He did great! I found myself counting “heads” a few times, but it was so fun to watch Simon run after the other kids and jump right into the action at COSI. He loved it. I think everyone else had fun too. We definitely have to get a membership to COSI again this year. That place is awesome for curing cabin fever in the winter.

We had lunch at the Spaghetti Warehouse, which I hadn’t been to in FOREVER, but it was good. It’s a perfect place for kids since there’s so much to look at. Wyatt is a little obsessed with trains now (about as obsessed as Simon is with Trucks) so he loved the trolley car in the restaurant. Simon ages about a year whenever he’s around those big kids because he wants so badly to be rough and tumble like them. I love watching it all go down.

By the time we were back in the car on the way home it was 3:00, two hours past Simon’s normal naptime. He yawned and said, “gettin’ tired.” So he went down for a nap with literally no fight at all and passed out almost immediately. A great day with the cousins and also makes me more excited for next week. Just seven long work days between me and a break.


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