Letter to the boy, month 28

Dear Simon,

Oh, you are two. You are two in every sense of the word. You are independent. “Simon do it!” You are clingy, “Mommy hold-you!” You are irrational and you have taken to whining spells that do not end. I am struggling to figure out exactly how we’re going to keep you occupied this winter, what with no trips outside to the park. I know Daddy will take you out in the snow to play but I’m warning you now son, I hate snow. I hate being cold, and I will maybe MAYBE make one outdoor sledding outing this winter. I’m much happier eating bread and other such starches from under my blanket on the couch.

You are into a lot of things these days. You love to color with these fancy Dry Erase crayons we got and you love your Color Wonder markers. We now have TWO kid tables set up in our kitchen nook, where you can draw and color til your heart’s content– which is usually in 5-10 minute spurts throughout the day. We’ve still been heading to story time every Tuesday morning we can, and you LOVE to dance and sing. You’ve even managed to sit through some of the stories and actually pay attention. You are growing up. Your favorite songs are Walking, Walking, Drive the Firetruck and the Wheels on the Bus. You love to dance and your face lights up when I ask you to dance for me. You wiggle your shoulders and will sometimes roll around on the ground like some sort of hybrid Breakdance/Interpretive Dance routine. I love it all.

You have been playing with your tools a lot lately, taking out your firetruck toy and turning it over on its side and “fixing it” with your tools. You love trucks still, all kinds. You ask for your “Dump Dump” so we can dump one wooden block from one toy dump truck into another. We drive slowly around construction sites to check them out and observe the men working.

You say and do all sorts of funny things these days. My favorites of late include:

  • Telling me one morning that you’d like a “Different Mommy” I can’t remember why exactly, but you weren’t happy with me at the moment.
  • You told me the other day “Cool shades, mommy!” while I was in the car on an incredibly sunny day driving to the baby sitter’s house.
  • You are into looking “cool” 
  • We went to Walmart one day before Halloween to load up on cheap candy and lights for your wagon and trick or treat night. While there, we let you run around a bit to burn off energy because we figured, you wouldn’t be any worse behaved than 90% of the people in Walmart anyhow. You were actually really good (aside from nearly getting taken out by shopping carts while rounding corners). But my favorite moments can be witnessed on Youtube (Linked here ) where you stop what you’re doing mid-sentence to watch the crazy people at Walmart. It’s like you’re in a trance or something. I was cracking up.
Going out to eat is almost impossible these days. We’ve been really spoiled by your awesome restaurant behavior up until this point of your development. You despise being stuck in a high chair, yet won’t stay in a regular chair or booster seat for more than 5 minutes, if at all. It’s a little sad because we enjoyed going out. It almost seems like you’re better behaved in general when you’re with just me, or just your dad. But the three of us together, it’s pretty much un-fun. There’s a lot of whining and complaining involved, and then a lot of glares between your dad and I, wondering why we decided to leave the house in the first place.
However, I will have you know kiddo, that this is the fun stuff. I get it. You’re growing, you’re soaking up all kinds of information like a sponge (I won’t go into it in much detail, but at one point he uttered the words, “Oh Shit” while frustrated with a marker cap the other day.). You are at the spot between baby and kid, and it’s tough. There are moments when you say and do the sweetest things, and you just melt my heart with your niceness and sweetness: saying, ‘So cute!’ to babies we see, or yelling “Watch out guys!” while in a shopping cart and we’re maneuvering through the aisles at the grocery. I love interacting with you, and never, not for one second, do I ever wish this to go any faster: your growing up, or your difficult phases. I never want to forget these days, where a fireman hat regularly hangs on the hook next to our car keys, if it’s not on your head.
I live in each precious present moment I have with you because I know that in what will seem like a moment, you’ll be heading to Kindergarten or starting to drive a car.
Everything up until this moment has been a blur of absolute bliss with you. So I’ll take my blips that might include time outs or going to bed early or general grouchiness. I won’t dwell on them. I’ll just keep looking forward to each smile and look on your face when you witness something new or exciting to you. I love it all.
You are my very best friend and I’m so lucky you’re my kid.
All my heart,

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