Trick or Treat 2011

This Halloween Gabe and I both took the evening off work and rushed home to get ready for Trick or Treat. 
The weather wasn't looking great- spitting rain and cold. Luckily Simon's costume was a raincoat. 
We bundled him up and I had prepared his wagon to be a Firetruck (also glad I used duct tape for most of it-- waterproof).

As kids began to wander up and down our street, Simon was amazed to see so many people out and dressed up.
We'd prepped him to say trick or treat, but he was mostly very shy when approaching houses. 
He had to walk all the way up onto each porch though, and was sweet about saying Thank you.
Since Simon isn't really aware of what candy is exactly (we may call Vitamins candy at our house)-- 
he was excited to get it but not in a huge hurry to eat any of it.
Until we got home.
Then he was all about sitting next to our bowl of candy to hand out to kids, 
and we let him have one tiny piece of a Hershey bar, which he sucked on for 20 minutes.

All in all it was a much better outing than last year, and I had a lot of fun putting together bits of his
costume. I managed to make his fireman pants out of pants we already had (+ duct tape). 
His boots are his regular rain boots and his coat was a gift from Grandma. 
Pee Paw gave him his hat, which has an awesome SIREN NOISE that goes on and on and never stops, 
if the hat is turned on. It also has a flashing light.

His wagon was made out of painted cardboard, duct tape, packaging tape and love. I love crafting with duct tape.

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