Sometimes you just need to be heard….

I had an opportunity to get a lot of things off my chest, and I felt SO MUCH BETTER after doing so. By no means is everything fixed, but I don’t feel as overwhelmed at the present moment. So that’s good.

This weekend my parents graced us with their presence and we did a little Touch a Truck shindig at my old stomping grounds, Northwest Library- where I began the librarian career.  Those peeps have libraries and kids down to a science. We started off with a truck themed storytime and then moved outside to see all the big trucks. Of course, Simon was so excited to see his Grandma and Grandpa there, he was pretty much attached to his grandpa the entire time. 🙂

Simon and grandpa on a real firetruck!
It's a John Deere Loader!
In awe of it all.

After that, we went to Champps for lunch and then headed over to Franklin Park Conservatory, where they were having a Family event- but we missed most of it. No worries however, there was a little pumpkin patch and the park was beautiful for a nice stroll and running around.

Simon's Bye bye face- the new kissy face.

Not really sure when I’m going to get everything done- like the laundry and the other things I tell myself I’ll get done on these days off- but I’m sure glad I got to enjoy this day outside with my people.


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