Home again home again jiggity jig

Well, we’re back from our whirlwind trip down south. We started on Sunday September 11th, driving a nice 8 hours in the car after working from 1-5. Gabe and Simon picked me up from work and we were on the road. Simon was awesome in the car. He didn’t sleep until around 10:45pm and then only slept until 1:30am, at which point he woke up to talk about the moon for an hour until we got to Gabe’s parents’ house at 2:30am. He sweetly discussed the moon and the stars to us for an hour. No fussing, no whining. Just sweetness. Then we all went to bed as soon as we got there, and he laid in the crib in Gabe’s parents’ bedroom and just went to sleep, just like that. No big whoop.

In the morning we woke up and it was lots and lots of fun with the family, including another late night at cousin Jake’s football game, where they had their first loss of the year (sorry Jake, for jinxing it all). Simon and his younger cousins ran and wrestled like crazy in the field behind the bleachers. I had to keep reminding the other kids who were tackling him, “He is only two– remember, he’s still mostly a baby.” Why would they believe me? He is mostly their size and could run with them just fine. He’s just missing key verbal skills and some hair.

Simon following his "papa" with cousins and new friends, all 1-3 years older.

He remembered everyone’s names right away, probably due to the super cool homemade photo-book Aunt Gretchen made Simon for his birthday. He called out everyone’s name over and over- “Wyatt! Come!”

Everytime someone says, “Say cheese” to Simon for a picture he thinks they’re saying “Cheers!” and tries to hit his sippy cup against your drink.

The next couple of days involved some swimming at Aunt Gretchen and Uncle Eddie’s, some shopping and lots of good eating. Toy trains in Papa’s upstairs loft:

And a family celebration of Gabe’s 34th birthday.

Complete with ice cream cake and lots of singing and blowing out candles. Thursday morning we headed off to the beach for the beginning of my dear sister Kim’s wedding weekend. For a cool recap of the actual event, you can click here, or here.

Gabe’s mom and dad got a condo for the weekend while we were there, and brought Owen and Madeline with them, so he could hang out with them some more and Gabe and I could do our duties as maid of honor and boyfriend of maid of honor. Like the rehearsal dinner and whatnot. It was all good. My sister looked beautiful, and much fun was had by all. I was overserved at the wedding though. Too many wine spritzers though I was warned by a friend that I also opted for spritzers at her wedding in 2009 and ended up falling on the dance floor. This time around there wasn’t any falling. Though I did rip my dress while riding piggyback on my brother on the way to the car. Yes. It was one of those kinds of nights. I was SO THANKFUL to have Gabe’s mom and dad there to watch Simon in the morning. And by 11 or so I was rehydrated and fine, and we hit Harbortown for lunch with Gabe’s family.

At a really cool horse farm/petting zoo I've never been to in Harbourtown.

It was really a great week. We spent some time on Sunday at the beach while SImon napped with Gabe’s parents. It was really too cold but this little heater/snuggle bug kept me warm. Baby Landry (“wandwy” according to Simon) is just the cutest and easiest baby ever. And being near my siblings just made me wish we all lived somewhere where our kids would all grow up knowing each other and being buddies.



Because I have great siblings.

and great in-laws.

So basically I felt super lucky to see everyone, even though I wouldn’t categorize this vacation as “relaxing” it certainly created a lot of really nice memories.

Sneak preview of possible Halloween costume.

More interesting quips and comments from Simon to come in another post. I need a shower.


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