Gonna keep this short and sweet

The last few days have been a blur- trying to get ready for the big wedding extravaganza for my beautiful little sister Kimberly

Also hitting Sumter, SC on the way to the festivities to celebrate our annual “vacation” to Gabe’s family’s house and his birthday.

Expect another picture like this, only older/more tired looking people.

Packing used to mean tossing things in bags. And with an “event” is is much more complicated than it is even with a kid- where you have to pack the stroller, the cooler, the pack and play, the bags, etc. into a Toyota Corolla….and feed your should-be fiance 5 hour energy drinks as we brave the LOOOONNNNG drive with a toddler.

Vacation? I hope some relaxing happens at some point. I never think we will, and we do, eventually get a few hours of relaxation….

But the whole reason I even logged on, was to tell this little diddy:

Tonight, after heading to the annual Ox Roast in our park, we came home and Simon was all wired on…I don’t know, just excitement in general. Perhaps the onion ring and yogurt he ate when we got home. Anyhow.

He was playing “baseball game” with Gabe in the living room, and passed gas REALLY LOUD. Gabe said, “Simon, what’s that noise?!”

Simon said, “Motorcycle.”

And already, he’s blaming other things on his flatulence.


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