Letter to the boy, Month 25

checking out the wildlife at Audobon Metropark

Dear Simon,

As you say, “Have a good day?” I think we had a few really good days in a row buddy. We moved you into your big boy bed, and changed up your room to reflect the boy you are, not the baby you were. Little sports ball decals are on your walls, and periodically throughout the day, you ask to go “up and see new room?” Just so you can be in there and hang out. You love that daddy and me can “fit in the bed” with you. You have gone through your routine of bedtimes and naptimes just great. I’m so so proud of you for taking this step like a real champ. It’s made our weekend so relaxing and great.

We spent most of the weekend at the park. Our park and a “new park”. We spent the weekend laughing and pretending. I scored some new toys at a garage sale and you were just tickled by all of them. A hard hat, some tools, a “sweep” (broom) and a tractor book. On Friday evening our friends the Davis’s came over. They have a little boy named Jack and you guys hit it off again. He’s just about 17 months old, but you were awesome playing with him. You’re getting the idea of sharing, though you’re still not a fan, you will do it begrudgingly and that makes me so proud.

These days you want to “touch it” to everything- trucks, tractors, flowers, trees, whatever’s within arm’s reach. You ask sweetly, “Touch it?” You also say “Thank you” so often that it makes me think we’ve done something right. More often than not you add “Simey” on the end of it. You’ll hand me your napkin after eating and say, “thank you Simey”.

We’re starting to gain some interest in the potty. You like to “go potty” which basically means to go upstairs, demand one of us sits on the big person toilet, and you take off your diaper and sit on your potty seat. You’re not really sure what to do next, but each time you ask to go potty, we hike upstairs, go through the motions, let you continue to gain interest in that past time. We’ll probably be talking about it and reading books about it for a year before you get it all, but I’m just so thrilled by your interest in everything these days.

You say “love you” and it sounds a lot like ‘rabbit’ to me for some reason. You wave when you say it, since Gabe and I sign it to you all the time. You still sign quite a bit, and you like to learn new signs still, so we keep doing it. Your memory is amazing to me. The other day we were driving to the sitters and we passed the same excavator that we always pass (it’s parked near a construction site on the road). As I was telling you we couldn’t “touch it” because we were in the car, a Jeep was passing us on the other side of the road. I pointed out the Jeep to take away your attention from our inability to touch the excavator. “There’s a Jeep!” I said as it drove past us. The next day as we passed the same excavator on our morning route, you pointed it out and then asked me, “Where’d the Jeep go?” It’s almost scary the details you remember.

We have a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks. The Grandview Ox Roast starts on Thursday, and already they’re unloading the carnival rides in the field next to our park. We checked them out today and I let you touch them. You really liked looking at the carousel, wanting to see the horsies and animals on it. I hope we can get you on a ride (they’re all pretty small) and get some pictures. I think you would love it.

You’re starting to show more interest in dancing, so we’re also hoping you’ll dance at my sister Kim’s wedding in Hilton Head on September 17th. We’re heading down for our annual trip over your Dad’s birthday next week. We’ll spend a few days visiting with Nonni and Papa and Aunt Gretchen and all the kids, then head over to the beach on Thursday morning for the big event. I can’t wait to see ALL of my family. You’re constantly asking for Uncle Eric, Uncle Bert, and Uncle Kimmy. haha. Yes, UNCLE Kimmy. Nonni and Papa are coming to the wedding too, so it will be so nice to have everyone all in one spot. And I just know you’ll love the beach. We’re already signing “sand” to you and explaining the ocean. Everytime we leave the house these days, you’re asking to “go swimmin?” So I’m glad we’ll get another couple of swimming days in before fall hits in Ohio. The air is already crisp this evening and all day it was pretty dreary here. That didn’t stop us from outdoor adventures however, and I’m looking forward to going on some nature walks when we get back at some area parks we enjoy like Inniswoods up in Westerville. Those parks are so pretty in the fall.

I gave your dad an early birthday present, which is basically a webcam that streams live video to your mobile device (iPhone or iPad). I got it because we can now watch you in your big boy bed and know if you’re getting into something or sleeping. It’s so cool. It’s one of those things that I wish I had invented, you know?

So this will be a short work week for you. Since tomorrow is already Tuesday, I work just three more full days and two half days before we head on the road. I feel like I have a LOT to get done before our 12 hour road trip to SC, but I’m confident it’ll all happen in good time.

One of your favorite things: Running

You are so much fun, so sweet and obedient and always surprising us by saying something new or remembering something random. This has been a great weekend with you and I love knowing that I get to spend all my spare time with you and your Dad. I truly don’t need much else in my life to be happy.

Thank you for being you, sweetheart. You’re the best.

I love you,



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