Surely I will jinx this by writing about it.

But today, we switched from the crib to the Big Boy bed.

Gabe and I were both simultaneously dreading and looking forward to this weekend- because it was Big Boy Bed time. We knew we had to switch him over, and I had heard lots and lots of nightmarish stories from others moving their toddlers. I mistakenly shared these stories with Gabe, so we knew the worst case scenarios. We planned on nap refusal, bed jumping, hurting himself, screaming, crying, etc.

I should also mention here that we have a “sleeper”. Simon spent the first four-five months of life sleeping. He was the sleepiest baby ever. And he still naps for a long long time. We put him down at 12:30, he’ll wake up between 3:30-4:30. We put him down later, our “rule” is to wake him up by 6pm. He will still go to bed between 8-8:30. Lately we’ve been pushing the bed time back later since it’s been nice out, but he still is just a sleepy boy. He wakes up happy unless he’s sick…he’s just one of those kids.

And per usual, Simon went through this milestone (so far) easily with the flow, and at the end of it all we were smiling at each other saying, Wow. We lucked out with a great kid.

I’d washed the bedding last night in preparation, with the incredibly expensive Ginger-Safe detergent I have to buy. My mom got Simon some cool sheets with sports balls all over them, so I knew he’d be a fan. The plan was, I would take Simon to Target shopping for bed rails and a mattress pad in the morning. Gabe would disassemble the crib while we were gone, and we would move the bed up from the basement when we returned.

Of course Simon didn’t want to “go shopping” like he normally does. He wanted to “keep goin'” with daddy. So I ran to Target solo, and Gabe took Simon to the park in the hot hot heat. At Target, I purchased the mattress pad, then a bunch of other things I didn’t need. I grabbed some food and met the boys at the park for a picnic. At the park, Gabe asked what kind of bed rails I got. Oh. I forgot bed rails. I was sidetracked by the other $100 I had to spend at Target on things I don’t really need. Damn you Target. Damn you to hell. So I went BACK to Target for bed rails, and also wall decals to match his new bedding. (Target twice in one day, and both times I buy shit I don’t need?! But all the sports bedding was on CLEARANCE….)  Gabe took Simon back home from the park.

I came home from Target, started the disassembly process on the crib and bed moving. We didn’t get finished until around 2:30, which is about 1-2 hours past when Simon usually naps. Simon was completely jazzed about the whole thing– moving it all, the sheets, etc.

Big boy bed and room!
Very exciting stuff

We had previously read several books about Big Boy beds. The previous night, when I told him “this will be your last night in a baby crib. Tomorrow you have your Big Boy Bed!” He said, “Like Elmo?” because the book we’ve been reading has been all about Elmo moving to a big boy bed. So sweet. And commercial. But whatever, there are limited books on moving to a big boy bed that DON’T involve moving-because-another-sibling-needs-the-crib. Elmo just moves because he’s growing up. Most other characters are moving because their parents got pregnant again and are too cheap to buy another crib. Anyhow.

Naptime wasn’t a seamless endeavor, but yet it rarely is these days since Simon still wants to “keep goin'” all the time. But after some laying down with him and some ABC singing, and some cajoling, I left his room and went to the basement. We were all sweating profusely because mid-bed-moving, we realized Simon had messed with the thermostat and turned the AC off on a 96 degree day. So I went to the basement, where Gabe was with the baby monitor. We both listened intently to see what would happen next.  We watched the green lights on the monitor go up and down- as we knew he was rustling around in there. Then we heard THUMP, and maniacal laughter. I sprinted up the steps, and realized that he had gotten out of bed, and was standing at his doorway laughing hysterically. He had to have thought, “Those idiots! I can get out of this bed! MUAH AHAHAHAHA” But as he heard me sprinting up the steps, as I peeked in the doorway I watched his diaper butt dive headfirst into the pillows on his bed, knowing he needed to plant himself there.

He took one look at me and said, “Go to sleep!” I guess that something he hears a lot at the sitter’s. Ha!

By 3:30 he was asleep, and we were so happy. He slept until 6pm, when we “woke him” by going upstairs and being loud. He was so excited he could crawl out of bed on his own. We spent the rest of the evening in the backyard playing in the inflatable pool.

Bedtime worked even better. We read books in his bed, and then I kissed him good night and said, “It’s time to sleep, I’m so proud of you for being a big boy in your big boy bed.” I stayed upstairs to listen at the door and put his baby gate up. We listened on the monitor for expected rustling, getting out of bed and possible tumbling/playing with books and toys that are still in there. Nothing. He was asleep within ten minutes.

HOW DID I GET SO LUCKY!? And how many of you think I just jinxed it all by writing it all down??? So proud of my little man.

His room has had a hodge podge “theme” since birth. We inherited REALLY nice hand me down Jungle bedding and curtains, and I had added other things to go with the jungle theme too. His rug is a boat/transportation theme, and his one colored wall had clouds on it and a peaceful sheep quilted canvas piece on it. It was definitely a baby room. It is now Simon’s room. A little boy’s room. Still a hodge podge of things, but things that he loves including all his animals (from farms forests and jungles). His books, and now ball decals surround a framed picture of his name and its meaning.

a gift from my parents, that Gabe had framed for my birthday.

I had a few quick pangs of sadness as we took down the crib, remembering the two times we had to put it together when I was eight or so months pregnant. When we moved the rocking chair out, I had some moments of….”No, not yet…he still asks to rock” in my head but I didn’t utter them out loud. Instead I was as excited outwardly as he was — new step! Or in Simon’s words- a “new day! good day!”

And when I peek into his room, I was worried I would see a little boy now that he has a big boy bed, and not my baby in a crib. But instead, I see my baby in a big boy bed. He used to look so gigantic in his crib, that seeing him in that big old bed reassures me that he’s still very much a baby. He’s just an incredibly good natured and easy going kid who typically follows the rules.

Again, how did I get so lucky?

I’m certain next year and the teen years, I will get my payback.

Letter to the boy to follow sometime this weekend. 25 months old, going on 30.


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