a nice visit from Pee Paw and Gam-mah

Well due to Hurricane Irene, my parents’ visit to my brother and sister on the east coast (Hartford, CT and Boston, MA) was cancelled and they decided to get in the car and drive to sunny Columbus instead. I worked all weekend, so I didn’t really get to see them as much as I’d like, but we did have a couple of hours to hang out, which was nice.

We took Simon to his first Clippers baseball game on Sunday evening, which was a lot of fun. We didn’t watch the game much, but with so many other things to do and see there, it was worth all $5 per ticket.

Simon as "some random Clippers player"
Simon "riding" in a strange ball ride that moves 2-3 inches back and forth at a medium pace for fifty cents.
Enjoying the sights of his first ball game with BFF Pee Paw
Clearly enthusiastic about the big game.
It's good stuff to see Simon with my dad.

We got ice cream during the seventh inning stretch and Simon eyed the water fountain. “Play water?” he asked again and again, so I put him in his “contingency clothes” I keep in the diaper bag, and let him have at it. The sun was going down, and it was getting a little chilly so I knew we needed warm stuff for him to change into since I hadn’t brought a towel or swim clothes for him. He had a ball playing in the water, though a little blonde girl kept trying to steal his precious “hat” (bowl from the ice cream I rinsed out). There were tears.

Getting bullied by an overzealous 18 month old girl nearly his size.


Visibly chilled.

And when the sun finally went down over the side of the stadium, and Simon’s skin was mottled and lips turning blue, we decided it was time to go home. And there were more tears because he wanted to “keep goin'” even though he was shaking. We stripped him down, I wrapped him in my sweatshirt and put his clothes back on. We all parted and went our separate ways and Simon and I yelled, “Where aaarrrrreee you mommy’s car?” all through the parking lot until we found it. And he said, “bye bye Pee Paw, bye bye Gam-Mah, bye bye baseball game, bye bye kids” as we pulled out of the park and went home. He had a ball, and we did too.

This growing up thing is so much fun. For all of us.


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