Zoo Trip, 2011

For Simon’s birthday, we headed to the zoo with Simey’s birthday buddy, and one of my best friends, Lisa. I made them matching shirts, which they both loved.

We're going to the zoo zoo zoo
how about you you you...

In general, I have mixed feelings about zoos. On one hand, I feel bad for the animals that are not in their natural habitats. Some of them clearly are stressed and/or depressed. However, will I lay down $50 for three adults and one “child” (BS- two years old and costs $9?!) to go stare at these clearly unhappy animals, point and take lots of pictures?! OF COURSE I WILL!

The Simon Geig Family, August 4, 2011

When we first got there, at 10:30ish in the morning, Simon was busy watching all the people. I still think his favorite thing he saw was all the people walking around. He also saw some people working on an exhibit behind a fenced off area and said, “what are you doin?” and they said, “Making fake rocks.” Huh.

He really seemed to like the fish and aquarium part, and the fish (that were actually food) in the Polar bear exhibit.

Pointing at the fish in the polar bear exhibit.

I was surprised by how reasonably priced and tasty the food options were for lunch. We ate lunch a little early and spent the rest of the afternoon looking at almost everything. We got some great pictures of animals on Gabe’s camera. By the end of it all, it was 2:30 and our sleepy kiddo needed his nap (that he normally gets at 12:30 but whatever) so we headed home. He slept for a LOOONNG time. We had opened some gifts in the morning, and we spent the rest of the day playing with the new stuff we got and hanging out with Lisa. At night, lisa and I went out to celebrate our birthdays with a little bar stomping in Grandview. Good stuff.

I LOVE the fact that my kid wears hats, but it doesn't help create very good pictures sometimes.



I think next year we might pony up for a zoo membership, even though it feels like it’s an hour away, it’s really not. 20 minutes in the car isn’t very far, but we’re just lucky to have a lot of other fun things to do close by (like COSI and Scioto Mile) where we don’t even have to get on the highway. The zoo trip was a big success, and I can see lots more memories being made there. The zoo itself has a ton of stuff for all ages to enjoy and I would LOVE to do Zoombezi bay sometime. Simon was eyeing the “BIG slide!” from the parking lot. Maybe next year. 


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