back to “reality”

This weekend we spent with family up in Salem. It was my sister’s Bridal Shower/Bachelorette party weekend so it was a fun filled family filled weekend of business. It was lovely to see so many people, though I do wish I could’ve spent more time with my brothers. They tended to steer clear of the homestead since there were 9 women staying at my parents’ house. Fair enough, says I. My sister in law Miranda is about to POP being so pregnant with my to-be niece or nephew that I just can’t stand it. I can’t keep my hands off her belly and I can’t stop whispering to him/her when I’m close enough. I’m sure it comes off as creepy and weird but I’m sure in two years she’ll understand because her baby will start screaming “No Mine!” at her and she’ll just understand.

Simon followed my dad around dutifully as he does, and looked at me everytime he left the room and said, “Back?” And I would say, “Yes, he’ll come back. He had to go to work.”  It’s so awesome to watch him follow “Ampa” around and at the same time I was a bit jealous because normally it’s me he’s following around and begging for attention. On the long ride home from Salem to Columbus, we reconnected with some singing and negotiation about which fast food stops to indulge in. He is such an awesome kid. And I can’t tell if it’s because he’s my kid and I’m clearly biased, or if he is really exuding awesomeness. I like to believe the latter.

And when we were finally home and finally he was in bed, I looked around at the two-three week accumulation of dust on the mantlepiece of my house. I thought about the fact that I have exactly one and a half days off until July 1st (I’m going to a conference). I wondered when I would get all the groceries we need or the house dusted to at least look lived-in. And then I thought about all the other things I’d like to do with Simon on my day and a half off and I highly doubt it will include any of the following: dusting, unpacking, laundry, cooking, or buying a new DVD player. Instead I will likely hit the grocery store and call it a day.

After all, this morning we had many fits because he couldn’t get in the shower with me; didn’t want to get in the car to go to the sitter’s; was not interested in Curious George on PBS instead of the “babies” on Baby Signing Time DVD’s (see broken DVD player). But in the madness of finding everything (except my toothbrush) that had been DUMPED into our “guest bedroom” (AKA crap-dumping-spot), there were some laughable moments. Simon counted along with the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song I put in the cd player in his room. He found his “phone” which also dubs as a “remote” but is really the sound box from a farm animal book that fell apart. (Certainly, that’s a safe toy made in China after all) He also found my under-the-bed plastic tub stash of workout clothes (they may have been dusty too) and was trying to take off his clothes because he wanted to “put it on”. What did he want to put on? My green sports bra. But of course, dear child! So I spent a good portion of my morning fighting with him, though it was hard to take him too seriously while he was donning a lime green sports bra. Dropping him off was a sad sight again, with the chin tucked into his neck with the lip puckering sad cry that i hate to hear as I leave quickly out the door.

And then work was a whirlwind of just that, work. We are extremely busy and I have to laugh at my invisible to-do list that never really gets a dent put into it anymore. When I finally was done with it all I came home to a messy kitchen, an unstacked dishwasher and the knowledge that I STILL haven’t found my toothbrush and we don’t really have much food left to pack lunches for the rest of the week.

That brings me to here, with dirty teeth and a white wine spritzer, on the porch. And what am I doing? Not any of the things I should be doing. Instead I just killed an hour of watching videos of my kid doing nothing remarkable. But I specifically take in the image of his fingers clutching a peach and biting into it for the first time. I soak in the memory of watching him do it. I appreciate the fact that I took the 15 second video, even though no one else will think it’s as beautiful as I. And I am just glad. Glad glad glad. My cup runneth over, in this dirty dusty house.

Good night.


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