another milestone

So the other day, I set Simon up with a video (I know I know, terrible) and some snacks in front of the tv so I could take a 10 minute shower and start to get ready for work. I do this almost every day that I have to go to work. I used to bring him upstairs with me, but now the landlord has ripped apart some of our electrical outlets and there’s one that still doesn’t have a cover and I feel like it’s just safer for Simon to be downstairs and entertained for a few minutes instead of letting him run loose upstairs and run the risk of him electrocuting himself in that exposed socket.

Anyhow, I run upstairs, hop in the shower, and I can hear him at the bottom of the steps yelling “Moooommmmy!” because he wants to come upstairs. This too, is not out of the ordinary. I quickly pick up the pace, putting shampoo in my hair. When I open my eyes, the shower curtain opens up and he says, “Hi Mommy!” Yes. He apparently figured out our most complicated baby gate and came on upstairs, since I hadn’t answered. So I JUMP out of the shower stark naked and shampoo in my hair to put the baby gate at the TOP of the stairs up (because clearly, now he wants to go back DOWN) and hop back in the shower. Quickest shower of my life I believe.

When I went back downstairs after getting ready, I realized that Simon also locked the gate behind him. Clever little bugger, isn’t he?


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