My 2nd Mother’s Day

I suppose I should say 3rd, since I did get some really nice gifts when I was pregnant with Simon. But Mother’s Day now means more to me- if only because I am beginning to understand how complex motherhood is. And I certainly can appreciate (moreso now than ever) the celebration of motherhood.

This Mother’s Day, I woke up in my parents’ house. My bedroom has been remodeled- it’s a pretty mocha color on the walls and has a beachy theme that’s classic and clean looking. I really love my bedroom now. Gabe always used to joke about staying in my bedroom before it was redone. He said it was like a high school cheerleader died and this was her room. Now it is just lovely.

I woke up early in that room, and Simon wasn’t up yet. As it seems to be the case when my parents are around, Simon stayed up past his normal bedtime to play with them and slept in a bit. It was nice because I could have some coffee in the kitchen with my mom, in pajamas, talking about the day and our plans. And eventually my dad joined us, for coffee and getting Simon up. And we hung out there for a while before the three of us took Simon (and the dog) on a walk around the neighborhood. The sky was completely blue with big fluffy clouds and the grass as green as ever. My parents’ yard and home are just pristine and it is nice to be there, home but not home. Relaxed, coffee. Walk. Love love love.

Gabe woke up and gave me two cards- one from Simon and one from him. Inside his card was a gift for a massage. And he told me that the rest of my gift was outside. Out on my parents’ steps was a beautiful hanging plant, red and purple flowers, and a bottle of wine he got from an Ohio winery. He told me I am NOT to water this wine down with Sprite, as I usually do.

We packed up a bit and my dad and Gabe loaded my new kitchen hutch into Gabe’s truck, and I got us ready for the day. My dad made us some breakfast and then Gabe, Simon and I headed out to my brother’s farm to see all the animals. Though we were pushing it with SImon’s mood, since his nap schedule was getting pushed back, he was a real trooper and just loved walking around on the farm. And I loved watching him love it.


We saw lambs, ducks, cats, dogs, chickens and a rooster at Eric’s farm, and Simon mostly just loved walking around or exploring. I loved the baby chicks.

There are so many things about being home that are peaceful. But particularly, on the kinds of bright sunshine filled spring days like Sunday, you can feel it in your blood.

Seeing my boy be enthralled by the dandelions and the sheep grazing in the field… being able to walk around without holding hands with someone all by himself…without worrying about whether or not he’ll run into the street or get hit by a car….

Being surrounded by people I love and letting all the colors and smells of spring and space fill my lungs….

It just feels so good.

And then we drove home. Home to Columbus, to our tiny duplex apartment on a street with no yard to speak of and cars that go too fast down the road.

But it’s our road. And when we finally drove up after a long 3 hour drive, of Simon sleeping and then talking for an hour straight… I said, “There’s your park!” and he perked up to look out the window and smiled.

And we went to our park just the three of us and it too felt like home, and good.

And after a bath and scrubbing the mud from between Simon’s toes and singing him to sleep in his crib, I thought, “Boy am I lucky.”

Lucky to be a mom, lucky to be his mom. And lucky to have Gabe as my partner in parenting and life.

I hope everyone had the chance to embrace the people they love who have nurtured them in any way this Mother’s Day. I know Simon has nurtured me as much as I could ever attempt to nurture him.


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