our family weekend

Well I had this weekend off, and it was great. Friday night I got to go out with some librarian friends and chat about all things libraries. I love it when we’re sitting around a table, and the first thing people ask is: “what are you reading?” Sad thing was, most of us had recently read the same thing- so mostly we gushed about a book we all love. But it was so nice to be around like-minded people. Then Saturday morning, Gabe and I took Simon to the Franklin Park Conservatory. We’d seen that there is a little park outside there, and we were interested in checking it out.

Sadly, the park left a lot to be desired. It clearly hadn’t been kept up and it was also incredibly muddy and yucky.

So we still played around there for a while, and I faced my fears: butterflies, in the butterfly exhibit. Ick. They give me the heebie jeebies.

They’re so gigantic and bug-like. Ick. But Simon seemed to like running loose around there. Here, you can see where he tries to join some ladies for lunch.

After the park (and a giant Ineedanap Meltdown) we headed back home to put the boy down for his nap. By that time it was about 1:00. So after I put him down, I went and got my hair cut (short) and then shopped for a bit. Came home and hung out for a while, waiting for Gabe’s mom to get into town. We then got another chance to go out on the town. We went to this new place in Grandview called Matt the Miller’s Tavern. It was the Grandview Hop, so it was SLAMMED but we surprisingly didn’t have to wait too long for our table. We had some drinks there, then did our own little bar hop to Brazenhead and then home to our front porch. It was a nice evening out and we both needed it I think.

Then this morning we woke up, had coffee, and went to Giant Eagle Market District for breakfast and buying groceries. Gabe was in a terrible mood, so it was a quick shopping trip. Then home, Gabe’s mom left, Simon went down for a nap and I did some more shopping. (I didn’t buy anything on either trip, though I did try on a ton of stuff.) Ended up coming home after grocery shopping (more- trust me, the people I live with EAT). And since Simon was still napping (two three hour naps this weekend- ROCKIN) I went and splurged on a cheap pedicure for myself. Hilarious- but a former OSU football player actually was there getting his manicure and pedicure, too. Funny stuff. He even chatted up the staff there. And I didn’t feel bad about my ugly feet in comparison to his. Wow. I didn’t know toenails could be that color OR that thick. Ugh!

And then tonight we went to the park for an hour or so and then home so I could make us some dinner. It was a great weekend. And even better: I get another weekend next weekend! And it’s my sister in law’s baby-shower, so I’m very excited about that, too. So I have a busy week this week, working three nights and have a ton of things going on at work. But it should be nice knowing that I have so many things to look forward to:

  • visiting my family back home and hopefully showing Simon the animals on my brother’s farm.
  • I’m getting a hutch for my kitchen from home and Simon’s big boy bed from my grandpa’s house.
  • feeling my niece or nephew kick. 🙂
  • May 14th we got a sitter (Thanks Lisa) so we can go out to a friend’s house.
  • May 21st my brothers are coming into town for a Rock on the Range concert.
  • Memorial Day weekend we are taking a long trip to TN and leaving Simon with my mom and dad.
  • The weather tends to usually get warmer in Ohio starting in May, so that’s all good news.
So I’m excited for a lot of things and just hope I have the energy to keep up with everything on my list.

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