Easter Sunday

This Easter, I had the day off, which began in a rainy cold way. But I woke up with Simon and he was delighted to find the Easter “Rabbit” had left him a basket.

Inside the basket were a few goodies from Ah’Mah and a TRUCK PHONE!

After we had some breakfast: cinnamon rolls and breakfast casserole..mmmm…Simon went down for a nap and we helped the Easter Rabbit fill up some plastic eggs with chocolate covered raisins, marshmallows and animal crackers. When Simon woke up from his nap he had a great time “finding” them (mostly in plain sight) and eating all the goodies.

The rain cleared up for a bit, and Simon was BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS from the sugar, so we headed out to the park to let him burn off steam. I managed to get a few cute pictures before his knees and hands were black with mud. We spent a few hours there, ordered and picked up takeout from a local Greek place, and had a nice picnic at the park. It ended up being a great day.

And this week has been an interesting one. Simon’s starting to really show he’s “almost two”. Lots and lots of yelling and we’re having to work with him on “being nice”. He’s going through a phase where if anyone gets within three feet of him, he’s pointing at them and yelling “NO!” Then, if we tell him to “be nice”, he gets very sweet and will start talking in this high voice, tilting his head and saying “Hiiiiiii!” Very bizarre. So we’re working on it. He’s also become addicted to the Milkshake Song. See here (excuse my terrible singing) : http://youtu.be/LViK5hwX838


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