Where does the time go?

It’s Sunday night of my weekend off, and per usual, I’m asking myself, “where did the time go?”

It’s incredibly quiet on my front porch right now. Apparently the neighbors’ children have all been sent to bed and the domestic disputes have diminished since that family is out of town. There’s a stench rolling off the beautiful tree that HATES MY CAR and is in full bloom. I am on the porch with a Hendrick’s and tonic and my eyes are tired.

This weekend was full. On Friday I got to hang out with our friends Carie and Jordan, who stopped into Grandview for an impromptu Happy Hour, which was lovely (though rainy and a little cold). Then Saturday was filled with rain and hail and scary weather in general. We managed to squeeze in a trip to Sam’s club to load up on diapers, wipes and get our fill of disappointment in humanity. Sam’s club is like Walmart only on a larger scale. I love and hate it there. I need to be able to purchase cheap (enormous) amounts of diapers and other paper products. But I wish I could do this without following people around in electric wheelchairs hauling literal TRAILERS full of food behind them. Then I go to peruse the book section, since I have a niece or nephew on the way (who apparently needs an entire library provided by yours’ truly) only to come across various board books on Creationism and the Resurrection. OK. I get that there’s a place for all of that. I was looking more along the lines of puppies, kitties, colors and mirrors. Anyhow, we left quickly and decided to make our big American morning out complete by indulging in a breakfast at Cracker Barrel. What is it with this place? It’s full of overpriced crap, that you can seemingly convince yourself that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s like a flea market in that place. And 70% off? For John Deere apparel and various country CDs? Yes. With a side of overly salty bacon and eggs please.

Once we got into the car the sky decided to unleash its fury upon us and hail was raining down on our roof as we pulled off the highway. We spent the rest of the afternoon half-cleaning, half-lazing about, playing with Simon and waiting for our friends Kelly and Tim to come into town.

As suspected, they arrived late (after Simon’s bedtime) and everyone met at our place before heading off to Woodland’s Tavern. A few beers and catchup conversations later, we’re home and in bed. I miss my friends, and wish they lived closer. Life has changed in that we don’t do shots, and we don’t stay out late, but other than that, it’s like picking up a book you’ve re-read a hundred times, right at the spot where it gets good. I miss these people.

Sunday morning I made pancakes, eggs and bacon for our guests and Simon amused them with his usual antics. After they left, and Simon went down for a nap, I headed out to do the grocery shopping. I was hungry. Bad decision.

WAY more money than I wanted to spend later (AND they were out of paper bags, which irked me), I loaded everything into the car and put the key in the ignition and….NOTHING. Two more times: nothing. Yes, my car eventually started on the fourth time but it looks like we’ll be shelling out money to figure this mess out soon enough.

I arrived home to see Simon (no pants on) with his face pressed up against the glass of the front door. He clearly had not napped long at all. This was going to make for a LOOOOONNNNG afternoon.

The weather was beautiful but WINDY. The wind was chilly, but we decided to face it and walk to the far park, for something different. Once we got there, we happened upon a bunch of little kid soccer games (adorable). We knew that letting Simon out of the stroller here would be a problem (he has a thing for big kids and soccer balls), so we kept walking to the even farther park. I’d packed some snacks so we hung out there for a long time.

Simon loved it. I showed him how to roll down a hill, which he tried only once. I guess it is a little scary and nauseating. After that he would walk to the top of the hill and hold out his hand and say, “Hand?” so one of us would walk down the hill with him. He burnt off some energy. I laid in the grass and the sun, and soaked in the beginning of spring. I watched Simon and Gabe roam around the park and everything shone brightly. There were people playing catch, there were people flying kites. There were just enough people and space to allow everyone their own breathing room outdoors. The blues were bluer and the greens were greener than I remembered them. I stained the elbows of my white fleece jacket from rolling on the ground and I spent a good ten minutes looking for a four leaf clover in the grass. I put my nose in the dirt and smelled the earth. It all felt so good and made me excited for Spring and Summer to finally get here.

Once we thought he had his fill, we walked up the BIG hill on Grandview Ave. to Jeni’s ice cream, and indulged in a late afternoon treat. Simon loved it. And then we walked back down the hill to home.

Once we were home things got sketchy. Because without a nap, and burning all of that energy, well a crabby toddler we had on our hands. Nothing was good. ABC pasta: no good. Fancy grilled cheese: no good. Macaroni and cheese: meh, maybe. All Simon wanted to eat was blackberries. This wouldn’t be a problem, except he’d already eaten half a crate of blueberries, his own weight in grapes, and bananas and oranges. The kid can’t get enough fruit. And we CAN. Because WE’RE the ones changing the diapers. SO after a few meltdowns over nothing, and a lot of laughing/crying at the same time, we suggested an early bedtime. Four books about trucks, and he was in bed, so tired he kept asking me to sing Skinamarink to him again, but then would stand up, fall over, cry, and fall over again. Too exhausted to even know what he wanted.

And now it’s night, and I’m off to work tomorrow. I hope that this week I can remember the way the ground smelled today, and how I felt when I watched Gabe chase Simon around the giant pine tree at the park. I need to remember these important things when the unimportant ones try to take over.

Happy Sunday everyone.


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