20 months old

Twenty months old April 4, 2011. It’s weird to say 20 months. I mean, it’s almost two..but still seems like only a year and a half…but in order to keep up with the monthly letters, I need to remember the months.

COSI 4/3/2011

Dear Simon,

You’re teetering between being a “big boy” and a baby, and I know life has to be confusing sometimes. I mean, why, oh WHY can’t you sit in a regular chair instead of a high chair to eat dinner?! You try to sit but you’re still a little too short, and standing won’t work, and you can’t kneel on the chair either. Then you squawk and yell when we strap you into the high chair because OH THE INJUSTICE, WHY ARE WE SO MEAN AND HORRIBLE?!?!?! And in between you trying to squirm up and reach the light on the wall, or name all the letters on the fridge (behind you), you will slam on some mac and cheese or hot dog or whatever else I’ve put in front of you.

You’ve become obsessed with our shoes. You want to put them on, walk around, take them off. Put them on, take them off. You also put your own shoes on the other day (on the right feet!) much to my surprise. You are always ALWAYS wanting to go Bye bye. Sometimes you even play a game where you yell Bah-bye before slamming a door in our faces. You usually like a prop like my purse or a bag of some sort while playing this game.

You’ve also become obsessed with Trucks, or “Cucks” as you call them. I brought a movie home from the library called “Can you Name 20 Trucks” and by golly, I think we all can now. You love this movie. You especially love the monster trucks. And this morning you found your old rain coat (from last year) that looks a little like a fireman’s coat so you asked to put it on while yelling “Cuck! Cuck!” I think you thought you looked like a fireman.

We’ve had our share of illnesses this long winter, and as the weather SLOOOOWWWWLY starts to turn from winter to spring, our whole family has been hit hard with the remaining gunk of winter germs. So miserable. You felt so sick. Then I felt so sick, then Dad felt so sick. And we had about 2 days of most of us not feeling sick when WHAM you had yellow snot coming out of your nose again this morning. Two whole days of healthy home. At some point, this weather has to change and the gunky colds and viruses will all go away, right? RIGHT???

We’re finally weaning you off the night time bottle. You love your bah bah, though we’re starting to think it’s more of a comfort thing now since you haven’t really finished one the past few nights. Plus, it’s adding a bunch of extra time in the bedtime routine now that we’re waiting for you to finish it, THEN brush your teeth and THEN get to bed. So we cut it out tonight, and we’re hoping to do it for good from there. I went out today and got you some brand new sippy cups so I’m hoping that helps. You’ve done fine eliminating all the other bottles and drink milk out of a sippy cup during the day. You call your pacifier and milk the same thing: “Nuk! So now we’re thinking you’re losing interest in the night time bottle. Let’s hope.

You are still so sweet. On the days I drop you off at the sitter, you still never cry or get upset. You immediately start playing with your friends. But now after you start playing, if I ask, “Can I have a kiss?” you will run to me and give me a kiss right on the lips and tell me bye-bye. It truly helps get me through every day. I think about that kiss all day.

And over the weekend, I took a few “cat naps” on the couch while we hung out at home in our pjs (ALL WEEKEND LONG, IT WAS AWESOME!). And each time I would doze off, you would come over to me and put the tiniest sweetest (and most slobbery) kiss right on my lips. It was like being woken up like Sleeping Beauty. You can be so tender and so sweet in those moments. I love them.

You love letters. Oh, the letters. We have two sets of letter cards (one ASL, one Eric Carle) and an ASL alphabet puzzle, and the letter magnets on the fridge. You are a little crazy about them. You point out the letters in signs everywhere we go. “N!” “T!” “A!” We have heard you say every letter except W, which is a hard one I think. When we sing the ABC’s and I sign them too, you stare at my hand and try to do the same thing. It’s so cool to see you start to get letters. I love it! The flash cards we have are a little confusing (and hard) but you still like them alot and get them all out all the time. There are letters everywhere in this house. EVERYWHERE. I just found the puzzle piece Q in the kitchen.

Water Table COSI 4/3/2011

You talk to family on my computer- through the webcam and it’s so nice to see them all. You always ask for Grandpa now though, when my laptop is sitting out. You try to open it and say, “Ampa’? Babies?” because you’re second favorite thing is: watching videos or looking at pictures of yourself. “Baby!” you say. It’s quite funny.

You’re starting to string words together that sound like, “I want that. What’s this? What’s that? I want it. To eat.” I’m still constantly waiting for you to say “I love you” (preferably to me) and I think I finally heard you try to say it today, to your monkey. “I love you Wonky” you said. Sigh. I know you love me too, but I just can’t wait to hear you actually say it!

The sitter says you are very sweet and nice to all the babies she watches. She says if a baby takes your toy away from you, you (most of the time) just ignore it, so she can’t really teach them to not take things from you because you don’t typically throw a fit. You are very much an observer. You love to watch people do things and laugh. You will watch her or her boys tickle the other babies and think it’s hysterical, but once they come to tickle you, you’re not interested. You also have become very shy around anyone these days. You will tuck your head down and almost hide sometimes if people pay attention to you. It’s funny. You’re loud and talk and talk and then someone talks back and you immediately get all quiet. You are still pretty shy at storytime but you will now go up and get your own shaker or tambourine or sticker. But the rest of the time you stay firmly planted in my lap, no dancing for you. Just watching and smiling and bouncing.

These days your favorite things include:

Food: blueberries, grapes (“beeps”) oranges, cookies, hot dogs, black beans, anything sweet. You also really love raviolis and anything with a red sauce or taco-like sauce or chili.

Books: Goodnight Gorilla, Llama Llama Red Pajama, Pete the Cat, The Little Red Hen (still)

Toys: your farm set, your monkey, your new bear from the Build-a-Bear workshop (you made it with Ahma) any kind of ball.

Songs: Old McDonald had a farm, Skinamarink, If You’re Happy and you Know it, ABC’s

You’re so much fun, and I love you so much. Thank you for being such a great kid. I’m so proud of everything you do. I’m a little nervous about how big you’re getting because that means eventually I won’t be able to wrangle you at all. You’re already very VERY strong. But we have enough fun together that I shouldn’t have to do too much wrangling (I hope). And I just realized today that a lot of the persuading I do (to avoid a fit) involves some bribing with goldfish crackers so as long as I have a handful of goldfish, we should be ok. 🙂

You fill up my soul with smiles little kid. I love knowing you, and knowing that you’re mine. Thank you for coming to me.




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