Me and my boy

Today was awesome. What did I do? I dusted, like I promised myself I would. I didn’t get out of my pajamas until 3pm. I cleaned while Simon jumped on the bed, and he made messes everywhere I had just cleaned up. And I didn’t care. I laughed and rolled around on the couch hugging him singing “Baby, baby, baby Simon Time” and he laughed because he thinks he is a “big boy” now and it’s funny when I hold him like a baby.  I got out the crayons and construction paper and tried to coerce him into artwork. We discussed the alphabet (at length)…

I let him play in the water in the bathroom sink and wash his hands 20 times, wasting so much foam soap. I didn’t care. He got soaked through and I let him run around shirtless. He took a three hour nap and I finally got my new printer out of the box and almost set up in the guest room. For lunch Simon had mac and cheese with peas and chicken and noodles and grilled cheese and a banana. (YES- all of that.) I had toast. I cleaned the floors, the high chair. I cleaned out my files. I went through the pile of mail. I accomplished so much that by 1:00 I was exhausted and happy and had more time than anticipated on my hands.

Gabe decided to take the rest of the afternoon off since he wasn’t feeling great, so when he came home and Simon got up from his nap we went to the grocery store and replenished the sad refrigerator. We got ourselves some pre-made dinner and came home..put pajamas back on and hung out and ate “take out” and just played with our favorite person and laughed at him as he signed and talked and jabbered on and on and probably ate a half pound of grapes. For dinner he had a veggie burger and tater tots (but mostly just ketchup) and while he ate I finally got to cut his hair properly, even though I had just cleaned the floors and his soft white hairs fell everywhere making a mess again. I didn’t care.  Then we read books about tractors and babies and farm animals. We counted and pointed out letters in books.

Before bed we let him rough house on the bed again playing “Ba-bye!” and “Night Night” by either taking a purse on his shoulder and shutting the door after saying, “Ba-bye!” or laying on the bed and throwing the blankets over him as he yelled “Night Night!”. When it was finally ready for pj time, I slipped him into his warmest ones, slathering him up with baby lotion and singing Skinamarink. Every time I finish that song he signs and asks for me to sing it “A-gain?”

Today was a nearly perfect day. I’m glad I set my expectations a little low, because it made me feel like I accomplished so much today. I needed this day so badly.

And tomorrow morning my mom gets here and I have to work. But Simon will get to hang out with his ‘Ahmah all day so that will be good for the both of them. Today he talked to both Uncle Bert and ‘Ahmah on videocam and told them about his favorite toy (Wonky) and his new video (Cuck) about trucks.

I’m so excited to have two more days off that I hope go as well as this one did. Healthy happy Simon is so sweet to me I often wonder what I did to deserve such an adorable kid who never ceases to make me laugh.


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