Random Thoughts.

I feel like I just keep hearing bad news. I don’t even watch the news. I wonder how the people who watch the news on tv regularly must feel. Depending on the channel they choose to watch, and that channel’s “slant”– anymore it’s all bad news.

Between the upcoming cuts to our state’s budget- where they’re talking about deep cuts to the Public Library Fund, attacks on teachers for their lavish lap-of-luxury jobs/lifestyles, defunding NPR, and then there’s that whole Japan catastrophe…well it’s pretty depressing. I mean, I thought things were supposed to be better once my candidate won office. Seriously, this was the first time that it happened since I started voting, and so far, it just feels shitty.

I guess a lot of it seems to me to be like a playground fight. Where are the teacher’s assistants and recess aides? I mean, everyone wants to blame our lack of money on SOMETHING. No one seems to even mention the fact that our entire American culture is built upon the foundation that people buy things they can’t afford, period. It’s Wall Street’s fault. It’s the oil companies’ faults. It’s the public employees’ faults. It’s Planned Parenthood. It’s NPR. It’s everyone but US.

Tightening the purse strings is necessary, I get it. Why are we still asking why? Why are we still trying to place blame on anyone? We’re not in charge, clearly. And no one seems to pay attention until something they love is on the chopping block. It’s like deciding to cut cable in your own household. I don’t know. It’s just depressing. The things that I believe our country really needs, are being blasted as being unnecessary fat to be trimmed. The people making these accusations don’t sit with kids three hours a day and do homework with them. They don’t find tax picture books on the Beatles for a 50 year old woman who can’t read. They don’t speak kindly to and welcome homeless people who want to stay warm in their workplace in February. Ugh. It’s just all so sad. I feel like I see “normal” “real” “average” Americans everyday, and a lot of the things they need are going to go away or get stripped of funding because of the way our country wants the rich to get richer.

I don’t mind the rich getting richer really, because I choose not to pay attention to them. But I mind when it comes at the expense of others. I realize that “life’s not fair” but I do think it should start out as fair as possible, when you’re a kid.

Maybe it’s all the documentaries we’ve been watching, but I’m starting to get completely bummed out. I don’t even know how to articulate all of the feelings I feel about it because it just feels like too much all at once.

Alright I’m rambling again. Obviously I’m enjoying my new macbook, which holds a charge for HOURS AND HOURS at a time and is so petite and awesome I can just pick it up and start typing furiously when I have half a mind to. PS: I bought the laptop with cash, extra cash that I had AFTER I paid off bills and put some in savings. Maybe the government should take some budget learnin’ classes from me, huh. 😉

Documentaries we’ve watched that are really good:

Philosophy Kings: follows janitorial staff at various museums and institutions of higher learning

The Parking Lot Movie: a bunch of hipster philosophy majors working a parking lot at a university in the south.

Wardance: a Ugandan refugee camp sends it’s primary school to a national music competition

Nursery University: chronicles several toddler’s families in NYC as they all rush the application process to get their kids into preschool. Terrifying.

Lake of Fire: abortion/women’s reproductive rights

Waiting for Superman: the sad state of our education system in this country

Restrepo: follows a group of soldiers in the mountains of Afghanistan.

For the Bible Tells Me So: documents several religious families and their beliefs on homosexuality and how they react when someone in their family reveals they are gay.

What’s the matter with Kansas?: I can just tell you– A LOT.

Gabe’s actually watched a lot more than I have but you get the picture. He is just now catching up on all the 9/11 documentaries, also watches some stuff on WWII, and things like OutFoxed and the other stuff that makes us sound like nuts.  We are Netflix and Library DVD renting freaks. Looking through that list…no wonder all I feel like I hear is bad news.

Maybe I should put in a family movie.


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